Gardening and Electrical Work

I started the day with some gardening, before the sun was high enough to singe my bonce! I cut the azulina and bougainvillea hedge, it has grown fast, at the weekend I will have to cut the other one on the roadside. That done it was time for something a bit petty, but it madeContinue reading “Gardening and Electrical Work”

A Bit of Progress!

I need more exercise, and there was nothing for it, but to bite the bullet and buy a second hand Treadmill. This was the photo advertising it, I was hoping this would be the answer to my problems, but maybe not… day two on the machine, I buggered my knee yet again! I had onlyContinue reading “A Bit of Progress!”

What a couple of days!

Yesterday, we took the car for it\’s first service at 9am, only to be told it wouldn\’t be ready until 3pm…six hours for a service!!!!!! it turns out they have lunch from 12-2pm, had we changed the day and gone for 8am, it would have been ready for midday. Off we went, we visited Hernan,Continue reading “What a couple of days!”

Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?

To be honest, I\’m not sure which I like best, but a combination of the two will do me, for now! Yesterday, I spent a very frustrating day painting our front door, frame and reja, I decided that this was the job for the day, because until late on, it is in the shade, butContinue reading “Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?”