Fighting a Losing Battle!

 I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself these last few weeks, no sooner than one ailment resolves itself, and another raises it\’s ugly head, I seem to have got myself into a never ending circle, the only good thing about it all, is that I know there are plenty of people worse offContinue reading “Fighting a Losing Battle!”

We Are Going To Have To Move

Yesterday, went went for my appointment with the Accountant, paid her bill, gave her the cake we bought for her, although I have to admit, I was sorely tempted…hahaha! Then I took Marcela for lunch before she went to work. I have my brain scan tomorrow, but at the moment I can\’t get a PsychiatricContinue reading “We Are Going To Have To Move”


This morning, the Security Camera Engineer was supposed to arrive to replace a dead camera, so first thing, I messaged him to confirm that a) he was coming and b) would it be morning  or afternoon. As you will know by now, I have got used to him not turning up, or changing the dayContinue reading “Predictable!”


It\’s been an eventful couple of days, with not a lot to show for it. Marcela and I sat down and discussed the subject of adoption, she has decided that she still has much she wants to do, so children are off the agender, for now at least, I have no problem with that anymore,Continue reading “Moving?”

Not a lot to Report!

Monday, I went over to the Mother-in-Law\’s house and moved her furniture around, so she has a bed downstairs, and she could be on one level. Tuesday I took my Mother-in-Law to Medellin, to have a check up and her stitches out after the surgery, they were pleased with progress, but she is still onContinue reading “Not a lot to Report!”

Enforced Rest

Yesterday, I managed to finish cleaning the tiles, although by the end, I was suffering, I have lost a lot of feeling in my right arm, I cant grip, or lift anything heavier than a plate, I have permanent pins and needles in my hand, and up my arm to my shoulder. There is noContinue reading “Enforced Rest”

Blood Pressure Rising!

One of the things that really sends my blood pressure into orbit here in Colombia, is the fact that everybody tells you what you want to hear, not what is reality… I\’m being polite! The neighbours who built the Agricultural and Building Supplies shop and apartment next door, in place of the one storey fincaContinue reading “Blood Pressure Rising!”

A long long day!

0530hrs rise, and after the usual morning commitments we were out of the door just after 6.30am, and outside the Medical Center in plenty of time for my appointment, but the place was late opening, and the Doctor didn\’t turn up until 7.20am, they can hardly complain if Patients are late. when they can\’t makeContinue reading “A long long day!”