I seem to be giving one excuse after another for not working at the moment, but to be honest my back is playing up, and I am unable to doing anything that requires any amount of bending, for the time being. I went to see a Doctor the other day, not  an Orthopaedic Specialist, butContinue reading “Explanation!”

Why have I decided to start Blogging again!

To be honest, when I stopped last September, I didn\’t miss the Blog at all, it had served it\’s purpose, and it was time to get on with life, and it has been busy. Why then, return to the blog? I found that I was using my FaceBook account, to do what I was doingContinue reading “Why have I decided to start Blogging again!”

F?&@@!¿ H$%# !!

It was my intention to wait until after Christmas until Posting again, but things happen! Firstly for those of you with beady eyes! you may have noticed that the address to this webpage has changed  above, the reference to \’blogspot\’ has gone, and this is to protect my Blog, I was in a position whereContinue reading “F?&@@!¿ H$%# !!”

OK… When does the good run start?

Without banning myself from my own Blog, our car is destined for more work now.  Hernan rang Marcela, to say that we had been lucky that the battery had not dropped through into the passenger compartment, it was so rotten, he has cut out the effected area and re-plated it, however that is not theContinue reading “OK… When does the good run start?”

Where is that damn Spider?

Having done a couple of interim Posts, there is not much to report today, my Post on passing my time, was done with an ulterior motive, because the photo editting software I was talking about, gave me the opportunity to have a free licence, if I included details of it in my Blog, and IContinue reading “Where is that damn Spider?”

Ticking Over!

This week has been a mixed bag, on Sunday, Marcela, Maria Elena and I headed off to Guatapé, about an hour and a half away, I had been before with them, when I first came here last November, but it was a lovely day out, you can see more about the place, on my \’TownsContinue reading “Ticking Over!”

Social Week!

You may have noticed, that there have been some changes to the Blog, these are for my benefit as well as for others. Now, there are areas with write ups on towns and villages we visit, and restaurant reviews for anyone visiting the area, there may be further additions later, but for now… Well… asContinue reading “Social Week!”