Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!

I started this morning with a trip to Copacabana to get the week-end food in, and the chaos continues as people ready themselves to start the Festival of Oranges this afternoon and all week-end. My earlier comments about a mass piss-up, seem to have been born out When the town hall believes it has toContinue reading “Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!”

Driving in Colombia

I keep returning to this subject, it is one of my pet hates, and that is the standard of driving in Colombia, it is appalling! The Government blame Drivers of all vehicles, but it is the Government that issue the Licenses, they issue them like confetti, with no regard to the drivers they give themContinue reading “Driving in Colombia”

I\’m Still Here

Hi Guys, it\’s been a quiet few days, in as much as there has not really been anything worth writing about, that doesn\’t mean I have been sitting on my laurels, far from it. I have spent two days communicating back and forth between Spain and Ireland, over some financial matters that went haywire, butContinue reading “I\’m Still Here”

Short Update

Nothing much to report, I have been making the most of the good weather during the mornings to get a bit done, before the storms roll in during the afternoon, but this means the project is falling behind, and will probably continue to do so until next week. I think I am going to haveContinue reading “Short Update”

Things Change…Not Always For The Better

We eventually got our Security System up and running yesterday, the lad said he was ill on Sunday, so we had to wait, at least now we can see what is happening outside again. I am going to his shop on Wednesday to see an \’improved\’ camera, whereby we can identify registration plates and facesContinue reading “Things Change…Not Always For The Better”

Defending Our Rights

Yesterday, I went out to do the food shopping, then went on to Bello, primarily to find some new wellington boots, I was fed up of getting bruised toes from wearing a pair that were too small, this is my problem here, no one seems to have more than a size 9 / 43 foot,Continue reading “Defending Our Rights”