Bedside Tables…Finished!

I started early today, the first job was preparing the drawer fronts, I decided that because they are recessed it would not have looked right, to route the edges, I sanded them up to 320 grit, then drilled and fitted the handle screws in place. They then had a coat of varnish, and were leftContinue reading “Bedside Tables…Finished!”

Bedside Table Build

Today was a day of construction, things have gone together, but not as smoothly as I would have liked. There were a lot of pocket holes to be drilled, all on the inside, so none of them will be seen, those shown here, both attach the boards together, and also outwards, attach to the legs,Continue reading “Bedside Table Build”

Work in Progress

Fortunately the Family have been more interested in the Swimming Pool than me, allowing me to get into the workshop, and get on with some work, on the bedside tables / night stands. As a result I have assembled the tops, and sides, minus the trim, using pocket hole screws and glue, sanded them withContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Ready for the next phase!

Today I was off with the trailer again, this time to collect the timber for the bedside tables / night stands, fortunately due the amount of left over pine, from the bed project, I have only had to buy four 3m lengths of 1\” x 8\” and two sheets of 1/4\” plywood. Everyone has someContinue reading “Ready for the next phase!”