More work!

┬áLast week, two of Jaime\’s Crew returned to put a new floor in the guest bedroom, it was thought all the floors would be the same as in the lounge, so instead of just retiling, they dug out the floor, in doing so, found that it did have reinforcement in the concrete, and we couldContinue reading “More work!”

Bed Finished!

Once I was able to prise SWMBO out of bed this morning, I started by dismantling the current bed, which we moved downstairs. Marcela gave the room a clean, and then we started. firstly between us we took most of the parts up to the bedroom, which was no mean feat, the headboard and baseContinue reading “Bed Finished!”

Back to Painting!

No photos today, I spent the morning painting our bedroom, this is the first time it has been done since the Builders painted it before we moved in. Unfortunately the Builders were not too particular, and got a few spots on the wooden ceiling, there is nothing that can be done about that, unless IContinue reading “Back to Painting!”