Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!

Well that\’s not quite true, although I know Marcela would disagree with me, she has been on bottled water since we moved here, but since I mostly drink coffee, my water is heated, and for taking tablets etc. I take the risk. When we moved, we noticed that the water had a yellow tinge toContinue reading “Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!”

Nice day today!

Had a leisurely get up this morning 6.30am, and that was before Pépe! went for our walk, and there were people already making their way for their various Religious Processions. Coffee, and then the family showed their faces. I was going to shelve out the Pantry today, but changed my mind, there were too manyContinue reading “Nice day today!”

Water runs Dry!

I have to say, that now John has had the bulk of his money, his reliability has gone down the drain, he didn\’t turn up as promised yesterday afternoon, and he didn\’t come today, saying it was too hot to work in the garden! It was probably just as well, because I am still readyContinue reading “Water runs Dry!”

I should have stayed in bed!

Yesterday morning, I acid brushed the new brick exterior garden wall, it was dry in minutes, then I gave it a coat of weather protection, I don\’t know whether it is the weather here, or the composition of the product, but that was dry in minutes, so then I varnished it, and it looked good.Continue reading “I should have stayed in bed!”