¬†Finally, I am able to get going on my project of the year, and that is the double bunkbeds, which should end up looking something like this: The only difference being in is my intention to design and build a staircase, that sits alongside, and incorporates storage, also the storage shown under these beds, willContinue reading “Underway!”

Consequences of Stepladder Fall

On Wednesday I had a telephone appointment with my Doctor, he is hoping the injury to my neck is just muscular, but is sending me for a Radiography test to be sure, he filled out the orders, which I collected Thursday morning. The scan I have on Tuesday morning, in the mean time I haveContinue reading “Consequences of Stepladder Fall”

Interesting Couple of Days

The other day, I had another run in with our \’friend\’, I heard someone working on the Barber\’s windows behind the covering I had put up, thinking that they were changing them as agreed the day before, I asked if they wanted the cover removed, to find that they were only replacing the glass withContinue reading “Interesting Couple of Days”

Continuing Problems!

Sunday night wasn\’t much better, the music varied in volume throughout the night, but Monday being a Bank Holiday, didn\’t bring a lot of change, Marcela spoke with a Patrol on duty at the Station, over the phone, he said a patrol had been the previous evening, but stated the volume was not that high,Continue reading “Continuing Problems!”

Holiday Season

This weekend is the second of three Bank Holiday weekends in a row,it is no wonder Colombians never have enough money, they are always out spending it, and not working…that said when they do work, many of them work really long days. Last week-end even with our anti noise windows (fancy double glazing) we hadContinue reading “Holiday Season”