All Change

Tuesday was a day of appointments, firstly I had an Orthopaedic review with the Specialist, I had always had respect for, he had been looking at the possibility of surgery for my right knee, however it appears that the Government changes here, have begun filtering down before they have even been officially introduced. The DoctorContinue reading “All Change”

Back to normality…for Today!

Just in passing, an update on Pepe, Marcela had appointments yesterday and today, so she has done the hospital visit whilst out, I will visit tomorrow, and hopefully Pepe will come home Saturday. I am informed that he is doing great, the Vet has said that, he is a strong brave dog, which we alreadyContinue reading “Back to normality…for Today!”

Busy Week

Firstly, I finished revamping the coffee table in record time, having changed the edge of the table from a roundover to a chamfer, has made it look quite modern, surprising how little things can make such a difference, and the darker Oak colour is an improvement as well. That done it was time to getContinue reading “Busy Week”