Early Start, Early Finish

Before I bring you up to date, here are a couple of photos of the finished gazebo fillet, not perfect, but it is out of sight and functional: I just need to render up each side of the post to repair the wall,, and then repaint the wall itself,  nieither of which is urgent. IContinue reading “Early Start, Early Finish”

Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?

To be honest, I\’m not sure which I like best, but a combination of the two will do me, for now! Yesterday, I spent a very frustrating day painting our front door, frame and reja, I decided that this was the job for the day, because until late on, it is in the shade, butContinue reading “Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?”

It\’s getting hotter!

Pépe woke me at 5am, but I was having none of that, I just opened the door to the garden, pulled the dog gate across our bedroom door, and went back to bed, the next thing I knew, it was 6.20am, wonderfull! a lie in. I took Pépe for his walk, the sun was alreadyContinue reading “It\’s getting hotter!”

Keeping Busy!

The last couple of days, are a bit of a blur, so I hope I have got my facts right, but I\’m not guaranteeing it! On Sunday, Marcela went to vote in the Presidential Elections, unfortunately there will now be a second vote, but that will take place whilst we are in the UK, soContinue reading “Keeping Busy!”