What a Bummer!

Just before closing time yesterday, the Notary rang Marcela to say we needed another document from the Catastro, but no one seemed to know how to obtain it. We spent the res of the evening, once Marcela was home, researching how to get this document, and then Marcela found we could obtain it online, soContinue reading “What a Bummer!”

Another Christmas Bites the Dust

Well, I don\’t know about you, but Christmas came and went! Fortunately without incident, and every one still speaking, so the family gathering was a success…I think! Sister-in-law, Mother-in-law, Marcela Father-in-law, Marcela, Yours truly, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Nephew The In-laws and Marcela\’s Nephew are with us until New Year. The matter of our road, is anotherContinue reading “Another Christmas Bites the Dust”

There\’s No Money!

Every time a problem is brought to the attention of the Alcaldía / Town Hall in Copacabana, and not just by me, we are told that there is no money. This morning I walked the dogs to find excrement flowing down the road, from a communal open septic tank, which is obviously damaged. I hadContinue reading “There\’s No Money!”

Another Disturbed Night

Last night we had more problems from the Finca de Recreo, Villa Connie,  the music continued for most of the night, at 3.15am a call was made to the Police, they certainly didn\’t attend, but whether they have a phone number, I don\’t know, about an hour and a half later the music stopped, justContinue reading “Another Disturbed Night”

Mrs Trouble caused more work!!!

This Wednesday Marcela starts her four day stint at the Fería of Fashion in Bello, it has been disorganised chaos from start to finish, not on the part of Marcela I might add, but the Alcaldía (Town Hall), they have kept moving the goal posts, and changing requirements, I have to say Marcela has hadContinue reading “Mrs Trouble caused more work!!!”