We Are Going To Have To Move

Yesterday, went went for my appointment with the Accountant, paid her bill, gave her the cake we bought for her, although I have to admit, I was sorely tempted…hahaha! Then I took Marcela for lunch before she went to work. I have my brain scan tomorrow, but at the moment I can\’t get a PsychiatricContinue reading “We Are Going To Have To Move”

Things Change…Not Always For The Better

We eventually got our Security System up and running yesterday, the lad said he was ill on Sunday, so we had to wait, at least now we can see what is happening outside again. I am going to his shop on Wednesday to see an \’improved\’ camera, whereby we can identify registration plates and facesContinue reading “Things Change…Not Always For The Better”


We had a call from Diego last night, to say he will be here on Saturday morning by 8.30 at the latest, to lay the new floor, so it was time to make sure everything was ready to go. I have the metalwork to go in the concrete, I went to AgroZarzal and bought fourContinue reading “Preparation”