More downs than ups!

I should learn to keep my big mouth shut… I had hoped to have better news this week, but nothing changes! I cancelled my new Acupuncture appointment, because Marcela had found a miracle Gel, that eased the problem, and I started my exercising again, unfortunately I went out for a walk last night, and steppingContinue reading “More downs than ups!”

Where does the time go?

Saturday, as planned Marcela, Maria Elena and I went off to Guatapé, about an hour and a half away, and until now, one of our favourite places. As we approached Guatapé we noticed that a lot of the land on either side of the road had been stripped back to the bare earth, to makeContinue reading “Where does the time go?”

A bit more activity.

Still been suffering with my back, so I made the decision, with a bit of prompting, to go and see an Acupuncturist, when I had prolonged problems back in the UK, I went, and I swear by them. Anyway yesterday we went into the City for the appointment, a very genial fellow, somewhat more rotundContinue reading “A bit more activity.”