Early Start, Early Finish

Before I bring you up to date, here are a couple of photos of the finished gazebo fillet, not perfect, but it is out of sight and functional: I just need to render up each side of the post to repair the wall,, and then repaint the wall itself,  nieither of which is urgent. IContinue reading “Early Start, Early Finish”

Back to Work

For those of you who followed my woodwork projects, you will know that one of the big ones, was to rebuild my Gazebo, in doing so, I kept three and a half of the upright supporting posts, three and a half?… yes, if you go to the Header, \’My Projects\’ and then \’Household Improvements\’, youContinue reading “Back to Work”

Ouch! that hurt…

There must be something in the air, I was awake again at 4.30am, I wish I knew why, Marcela says I must be worrying about something, if I am, I don\’t know what. After breakfast, we headed off to Bello to pick up the Security camera and alarm siren, they were not there! despite MarcelaContinue reading “Ouch! that hurt…”