I Haven\’t Forgotten You!

It\’s just been a quiet week, I have been pottering in the garden, and in the workshop, with little to report, I have been doing some routine maintenance, ready for Christmas, nothing special, but more on that in another post. Last week I bought myself a new 360º camera, an LGR105 At first I thoughtContinue reading “I Haven\’t Forgotten You!”

What a Day!

What a day indeed! The music from the Finca de Recreo started about 1pm yesterday, and continued, at the start it was at a reasonable level, but as more people arrived to join the party, the louder it got.I started recording evidence before midnight, and then at midnight we had fireworks, then again at 2amContinue reading “What a Day!”

Another Project Completed

We had some sun today, and it was out early, so I joined it, and at 7.30am I was sealing the drying area floor. With the sun out,  it soon dried! I then replaced everything that had been \’temporarily\’ moved out, along with a couple of chairs out of the gazebo, I think it willContinue reading “Another Project Completed”