There seems to be positive progress on all fronts, which makes a change.

Shortly after finishing my last post, I received a phone call from the Clinic, the process for Hip Surgery, is obviously not a short one, from what was said, it appears that I passed the paper sifting stage, and I have to attend in person next week, for an interview and examination, maybe then I will have a decision, or again, maybe there may be another hurdle to cross!

It looks like we will be cancelling yet another holiday, because if accepted on the program, it states I would receive an appointment to see the anesthesiologist thirty days before surgery, and then I can’t fly for at least three months, as April 1st is our departure date, it would certainly be cutting it fine.

The more videos we watch on the subject, a number of which I am asked to watch by the Clinic, Marcela is getting cold feet, I think it has finally sunk in that just because I am only in hospital a maximum of 48hrs, doesn’t mean it isn’t major surgery, you would think it was her going under the knife.

As I said previously, Marcela has been in touch with two or three Companies to help us sort out the Solar system, and one of them is phoning on Monday, to confirm a site visit this week, apparently it isn’t a short process to legalise the installation, and I am sure it wont be cheap, but at least we will be able to sleep at night, then my Lawyer can go after Natam Energi, had the Company tried to help us out, despite making a mess of the process, I wouldn’t mind so much, but to block access to them…

This week, I have an appointment with the Pain Specialist, I am hoping she will agree for me to have another nerve block injection in my right knee, especially important if I am going to have the hip surgery, as it is at the moment, it would hinder recovery from the surgery, at least if she agrees, I can tell the Surgical Team that my knee should be sorted, and wont cause undue problems.

I grabbed the bull by the horns yesterday, and ordered a set of new tyres for the Prado, not a cheap purchase by any means, but even though all four are still legal, they are coming close to needing replacement, and those on, have been there a few years, with the worsening condition of our access road, I don’t want to be changing punctured tyres.
They should arrive at a Garage in Rionegro this week, I will then make an appointment to go and have them fitted, also wheels aligned and balanced, all paid for in advance.

Likewise Marcela, phoned the shop having my specially made lounge armchair made, apparently it is ready, but at the Upholsterers, and they are waiting for a few more items to be ready before having them shipped back to the shop, hopefully later this week, when they will deliver it.

Slowly but surely things are coming together in a positive way, we are now looking forward to the Family coming for Christmas.

Still in Limbo

Marcela contacted the Clinic responsible for deciding if they will operate on my hip on Monday, they said the Meeting had, for some unknown reason, been delaid and was due to be held that day, with the Pacients informed of their decisions by the end of this week, so we live in hope, but are surprised at nothing!

Whether I finally have surgery or not, I am having to take precautions, because I am certainly not as steady as I need to be, so begrudgingly I gave in to Marcela’s badgering, and last week installed grab bars in the bathroom

I have to admit, I am not sure why I was so resistent to having them, I am certainly safer in the shower with them installed, I think if surgery is given the go ahead, the only extra piece I need to buy, is a raised toilet seat. I have a much higher armchair for the lounge on order.

I finally gave in, during the second to last week of November and Marcela eagerly put up all the Christmas decorations, considering she had no help, she did a fantastic job, even though I reminded her, that she would also be taking them down.

Marcela also put the outside Patio decorations up, I made a tiny contribution by putting up the outside lights, nowhere near as many as last year, but they look OK.

The Solar Saga trundles on, we have been in touch with our Energy Supplier, who has told us what documents the Solar Company, Natam, should have supplied, but haven’t, Marcela has been in touch with ‘Sebastian’, but he refused point blank to assist further, stating it was not their responsibility, and then blocked Marcel’s phone from contacting him.

This man, Sebastian Espinosa, or Yamid Hernandez, or whatever name he is using this week, professes to be a qualified Solicitor, although I have me doubts if he is qualified at anything.

I have taken the decision, that there is no point in continuing to try and get help from this man, he just wants your money, and then cuts and runs, another Colombian Con-man, and he’s good at it.

As a result we have been in touch with a couple of other Companies, recommended to us, the idea being that one of them, will do an official inspection of the current installation, and give us a report on the quality or otherwise of the work, they will then remedy anything that needs doing, install the bi-directional meter, and have the system legalised.

Once we have the Report, I will compile a file of all the communication we have had with this man (emails / Whatsapp records/ photos), and we will make a formal complaint to the Authorities, also once I find out who licences Solicitors, a file will be going to them to. This Con-man has to be stopped, he may be able to install totally off-grid systems, but he obviously can’t do anything that needs connecting to an existing Electric Supplier, but makes out that he can, and leaves you in a dangerous situation.

As I think I previously reported, our own Electrician, insisted on being present, whilst the system was connected to the main grid, because he wasn’t happy at the lack of knowledge, ‘Sebastian’ seemed to have, he will also furnish a report.

Albeit ‘Sebastian’ stated in the end, that he would replace the damaged solar panel, that he insists still works, and may do, we never heard anything else, other than excuses, he needs stopping, and if I have my way, a stretch in Prison.

So if you live in Colombia, and want Solar installed, (he advertises right across the country), avoid Natam Energi S.A.S, or any variation of that, like the plague. I understand it’s a Mexican Company, and the work by them might be fine elsewhere, but I wouldn’t employ this man to sweep my yard, and by the time I have finished he will know it.

Yesterday, our boys went for their Christmas wash and trim, they both look smart, and certainly smell a lot better!

I’ll have to start on myself, this afternoon, it’s time to give myself a trim, I was asked the other day to recommend a Barber, so I told them to join the queue, in 45 years, I have only been to a Barber/Hairdresser once, and that was for my Wedding day to Marcela, it has always been cut by myself or one of my Wives!!!!

I seem to be getting myself organised again, last week I received my new Digital Residents Visa, and on Tuesday, we went to Migracion Colombia, in Medellin (Immigration Dept), and applied for my new ID card, it should be ready in a couple of weeks, then it’s another trip to collect it.

I think that about brings me up to date, so until the next time…


To say that I am frustrated by the restrictions I am under is an understatement, if I am hobbling around the house I can use my walking stick, likewise when we go shopping, we park across the road from the Supermarket, I tried using my zimmer, but then, all I could do was watch whilst Marcela did all the work, I need at least one hand, so I use my stick.

Walk any further, I have to use the zimmer which slows me down, I can go faster, as I take all the weight on my arms, but once or twice, I entwined my feet in the zimmer, and if Marcela wasn’t there, I would have been flat on my face, I just have to take my time.

The Meetings to decide who will go forward for hip surgery, started today, hopefully I will know by the end of the month.

The nerve block on my right knee has all but worn off, so it has been a case of trying to decide which is causing more pain, the problem is that my hip wants to go in one direction, my knee in another. I bought a new knee support yesterday, it has metal in the sides, today was the first trial, I think I had it too tight, as I was cutting off the circulation to my leg! I’ll get there in the end.

Last week was Remembrance Day, I might be the other side of the World, but I haven’t forgotten and never will

Whilst putting up the Flags, a Woman passed with her son, who asked her why the man was putting up Flags, “I don’t know, it’s probably something in America”… I put her right on all counts, nicely of course!

I decided to go ahead and apply for an updated Resident Visa, to go in my new passport, but they don’t do physical Visas at the moment, which saves me a trip to Bogota, you receive a Digital Visa.

I had to go to Medellin to collect a document, a copy of a form from Migraci├│n, proving how many times, and for how long I had left the Country since my last Visa was issued, I had applied for it online, paid for it online, arrived to fight with a crowd of maskless Venezuelans seeking their free Visas, fortunately there were a number of other Foreigners waiting saw me on my zimmer, and pushed me to the front, as a result the Security Guy let me straight in. A couple of minutes later I was called through checked my ID, and told they would email the form to me… What a waste of time, an hour and twenty minutes in each direction, for five minutes at the Office, I wasn’t impressed!

Anyway the form arrived, I submitted my Visa application, and yesterday heard that it had been approved, so I have paid online, and wait for them to send me a link to the Visa, and then I will find out how long they have given me. Then it will be back to Medellin to update my ID Card.

Maybe something to do with wishful thinking, but I decided to make a footstool, to assist with getting in and out of the car after hip surgery.

five pieces of surplus plywood, and Kreg joinery, it’s done.

A couple of hours work, a quick coat of stain, no varnish, I don’t want to slip. It will only be needed for a couple of months, if it lasts it can then be put away until I have my knee surgery, it is doesn’t, I can soon knock up another!

Marcela’s business Associate, Joaquin kindly said he would cut our grass, he wasn’t going to take any money, but since I want it doing every three weeks, I insisted.

We have also employed a Gardener to come and maintain the floral ┬┤plants growing up the perimeter fencing, weed the borders, and also lovingly tend my borders on the road, he thinks that once every three months should be enough, he is a bit pricey, but as there is a fair bit of ladder work, he says there will have to be two of them, so as long as he does a good job. Hopefully he will, it is Jaime’s Uncle, the same man who laid turf for us last year.

Hopefully by my next post, I will know if I have been accepted for surgery, keep your fingers crossed!

I’ll Know Soon

Last week we went to El Santuario to collect some packages from Jaime’s house, and on leaving the car park, I stepped on uneven ground, and my hip went, Marcela went on alone, and I waited in the car. As a result, on our following trip to Rionegro, we went to an Orthopaedic Supplier, and bought a ‘zimmer’, and a hip brace, with the help of both, at least I can get around.

I had an email from my Healthcare Provider SURA, to say that I was on the list for hip replacement, sent to Clinica El Rosario, in Medellin, and they would call me last Friday, we waited, and waited…Nothing, on Saturday Marcela contacted the Clinic, who explained SURA had been told time and again, that there were no phone calls, only emails, and that I should recieve one later that morning or Monday.

The woman explained that I am on the list, but that is no guarantee of surgery, I have to fill a questionaire, and send copies of my x-rays by email, then four Specialists make the decision for surgery or not.

Monday came, no email, today it arrived, the questionaire was in effect the Oxford Hip Score, with a couple of other questions thrown in but they were all tick box, so nowhere to add anything, any decision is going to be in the lap of the gods.

Their meeting is scheduled for November 20th, or there abouts, so I should know by the end of the month, apparently if they decide against Surgery, they give other options, what they would be I have no idea, since they don’t know that I have the same problem with my knees.

I am trying to get as many jobs done as I can, before a decision is made, just in case, but there are things I cant do, such as using the Brushcutter, because I can’t swing my hips! we are trying to get someone in to cut the grass, but so far that has come to nothing, if it gets much longer, I will have to employ a couple of cows!

In the meantime, I am looking at the jobs I have to do on a regular basis, and trying to work out what tools I could buy to do the job myself, or whether paying someone else on a permanent basis would be the better option, if I go for the latter, I will have to lower my standards, which would be hard for me to accept.

Marcela has been an absolute Star, without her, I would really have been struggling, both physically and emotionally, I will never be able to thank her enough, hopefully when all this is sorted, I will be able to make her life a bit easier.

That really brings me up to date, with not being able to get around, except at a snail’s pace, there is really nothing to report. I can only hope the Clinic dont keep me waiting too long for their decision.

Life Goes On

Over the last three weeks, my right hip and right knee have slowly been getting worse, if I leave the house, I can’t go anywhere without a stick, and then I have to be careful, if I am not walking on level ground, because my hip wants to take me in one direction, but my knee wants to go in another, listening to the bones grating is not much fun.

The annoying part, is that I feel fine in myself, and it’s so frustrating that I can’t do what I want.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my Orthopaedic Specialist, after looking at the x-rays, he confirmed that my hip has no cartilage and now the only option is hip replacement, but they don’t do that in Rionegro, it means me having to go to a Clinic that specialises in replacement joints in Medellin, but with Covid, there is a backlog, so I have to wait and see when I will get an appointment to meet with the Team, they then make the final decision, and arrange an appointment for the surgery.

This news didn’t come as a surprise, but I have to admit, I was secretly hoping that there was some other alternative. Now it’s a waiting game, apparently I should hear something next week.

Once my hip is sorted, the Specialist says he will sort out my right knee, which I suspect will result in the same procedure. Just to make my day, he confirmed that although my left hip is not as bad as the right, in time, I will need surgery on that as well.

Marcela has finally taken the plunge and tried out the hammock swing seats, which is just as well, because it was her that wanted a hammock in the first place.

Again Pepe has lucked out, Tito is quicker on the uptake, and claims his spot, albeit, he jumped down even quicker if you start swinging!!

Pepe on the other hand is showing his age, his hip is certainly getting weaker, and it may come to the point, where he also has to have surgery, but in the meantime, I bought him his own steps

They are made of foam, and just the right height, but he isn’t sure about them, and still prefers to jump up and down, hopefully in time he will get the hang of them.

And finally… a nightime view of the garden and beyond

caught before the daily thunderstorms rolled in!

Solar Con?

I am beginning to think I have been taken for a ride, and Marcela is not letting me forget that it was my decision.

We still haven’t sorted out the problem with the solar system, the bills from the Energy Supplier keep coming, and rising each time. We are still waiting to hear from them, regarding our request for a change of meter, we also asked Natam Energi SAS, the installer, and they want $2.500.000 COP to install a meter, do you ever get the feeling you are being ripped off?

Marcela sent the ‘Engineer’ Sebastian a message asking for contact details for his Boss, it then went very quiet, so I started doing some digging myself.

You read this, and you think it is a big Company 350 Employees, must be good, then you see that the Head Honcho is one Yamid Hernandez Timote

Do a bit more digging and I come up with the above account, wow! that must be Sebastian’s double, funny how the Company Boss and one of the Installers look like twins, and yet have entirely different names! I have downloaded a load of his entries, (a few where he is flashing a load of cash about, and bragging about the money and wealth) because I may need evidence of this if I have to take the legal route.

Sebastian also had an account stating he is an Abogado/Lawyer and was giving free opinions, but that has been taken down. However he still has his account with his surname spelled with a z not an s, where he thinks he is a Singer.

I’ve listened to a couple, I don’t think I will bother again!

It was strange, because a couple of days after doing this, Marcela received a message from ‘Sebastian’, where he admitted being the Boss of the Company, which from the message has a grand total of TWO employees including himself. He also stated that contrary to his previous communication, he will replace the damaged solar panel, but it will have to wait until he has another person available to come with him, or two people who can do the work for him. However he still states that the problem with the system is the fault of EPM, and until the meter is changed it will continue, I still have to work out how that is the case.

I am considering getting another Solar Company to come and check the system over and give us a written report, and depending on what they find, biting the bullet, asking them to get the system working as it should, we seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall with Natam Energi SAS.

I think thaqt brings me up to date on the Solar saga, so I will end here, and then move on with a new post.

Marcela’s Turn!

A week ago yesterday, I had to go back to the Dentist for a clean, and had managed to get Marcela her first appointment since the start of the Pandemic, I got away with a light scrub, Marcela wasn’t so lucky, she told the Dentist that she had had an accident a few months ago, and knocked a tooth against the glass jug of the Blender, and occasionally it caused her problems, she was sent for an X-ray, as a result, she has damaged the nerve inside the tooth, as a result she has to return to have the nerve removed, and the space filled.

Marcela’s teeth are her pride and joy, she is heartbroken, and worried she will end up losing the tooth. She was given an appoinment for last Thursday, so back we went, and as she was being prepped for the procedure, Marcela made a comment, at which the Dentist, said that she was only removing the nerve, and cleaning the inside, the rest of the procedure would be next month!!

At this, Marcela jumped off the bed, and said ‘No, she has a gum shield in at night, because she grinds her teeth, and asked if the tooth was likely to break, and was told that it most likely would. As a result, the appointment was cancelled, and she will have to get another next month, when the procedure will be done in the day.

Marcela also had a couple of other medical appointments, which have kept us on the move, and I had a test with an Ophthalmologist (for my eyes), due to my blood pressure, surprisingly, I passed with flying colours, she just recommended that due to my age, I start putting drops in daily, to keep them lubricated. At least there is one part of me, not falling to bits!.

Back home, I have been pottering in the garden and orchard, our only visitor seems to have been the possum family, I have taken the camera back down, but I will probably not bother again, until our fruit is ready for picking, and visitors are likely to return!

The weather has been up and down, during the day, we are getting three or four hours of scorching sun, late morning to mid afternoon, then the clouds roll in again and it is tropical storms all night, which would be no problem, except that results in Tito keeping us awake most of the night, as he is scared stiff. I have started putting on soothing music on a speaker alongside his bed, it has helped, but doesn’t relax him totally… roll on summer.

Marcela has gone over to visit the family until tomorrow, so we are having another Boys only time! I should look forward to it, but in reality, I rather Marcela were here. At least it gives her a breeak.

Now I am going to put my feet up in one of our new Hammock Chairs

listen to some music, and read my book!

Busy Week

Firstly, I finished revamping the coffee table in record time, having changed the edge of the table from a roundover to a chamfer, has made it look quite modern, surprising how little things can make such a difference, and the darker Oak colour is an improvement as well.

That done it was time to get the Dog crate finished, fortunately the weather has picked up, and stain and varnish drying time was a lot faster. As a result, yesterday I started the assembly

I finished that last night, and with Marcela’s help moved it into the house.

This morning I attached the table top, and the crate was finished

Our concern, was that we wanted this to be Pepe’s personal space, and of the two dogs you would think he was the Boss, but unfortunately what Tito wants, Tito gets, as far as they go, Pepe is a total wuss! I think it’s because he has always known that Tito suffers from ill-treatment in his former life, and gives in on everything, including his beds… not this time, we will ensure that.

There again, I built Pepe a brick kennel at our last house, and he point blank refuses to have anything to do with it, so that could have been the case here.

As it turned out, we needn’t have worried, I put one of Pepe’s beds inside, and he knew it was for him, and he has made himself at home, now we just have to watch that Tito doesn’t try to sneak in. We are considering removing the door, it is not our intention to shut Pepe in, so I might just take it off, and keep it handy, in case it is ever needed.

Having finished my current woodwork projects, it’s time to turn my attention to the outside again, as much as I love woodwork, neglecting everything else, would turn out to be a costly exercise.

I started by spraying all the weeds with weedkiller, my small sprayer is getting a bit long in the tooth, and keeping clogging, so I stripped it down, cleaned it, but when it came to re assembling it, a vital collar holding the spray nozzle in place, has disappeared, I searched everywhere for it, even asking Marcela to come for a look, as usually a second pair of eyes is all it takes, but not on this occasion. Fortunately I had finished spraying, but if it doesn’t turn up, I will have to buy a replacement, and use bits off the old one for spares.

I have always had a bad memory, but lately I have found myeself forgetting the most basic of things, I hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come!

I then decided, that it was time to visit the far extremities of our land, just to see how things are looking, and to re-install the wildlife camera, before uninvited guests start helping themselves again.

There is one lone tree at the bottom of the garden before falling in the stream, it’s in the middle of the land I cleared during the pandemic, and in many cases, in plain sight, is the same as invisible, so the camera is strapped on to it, I’ll give it three or four days before retrieving it again.

Most of our Avocados are Hass, which are the most sought after, and productive, but we have a couple of trees with different varieties, one grows huge avocados, which I dont like, the other two, grow another variety, which no one here seems to be able to identify. They are laden with fruit, but not quite ready yet.

The Hass are also laden, but they wont be ready for another couple of months, and since they bring in the cash, with the exception of a couple we have growing up near the house, we try not to help ourselves, to those.

Platano are growing, but they still have some way to go, unfortunately there are a number of plants that are not looking too healthy, I will monitor them, and if there is no improvement, they will be chopped down, and allowed to regrow from the ground up.

Now I need to decide what outside jobs need doing, and get stuck in, for two reasons, firstly because they have to be done by someone, and whilst I can still do them, I will do.

Secondly, I can now hear the bones in my knees rubbing, bone on bone, Marcela says it makes her feel sick, so I guess, I will be limited in what I can accomplish before too long, I already have to use a stick to get up and down the garden and orchard, due to my hip. I just thank my lucky stars that I am still better off than many. On that note I will sign off.


The first order of the day is to apologise, for the standard of my Posts, I have just been reading back, to see where I am up to, and saw a number of errors, due to big fingers, which I have now corrected.

I do read through my Posts, before publishing them, but obviously not well enough, I must do better!

Now to update on the past few days, albeit it feels like months.

I had some good news for a change, because I suffer with high blood pressure, I have to go for an annual eye check up with an Ophtalmologist, that has been delayed due to Covid, but last week, I finally had the test, and past with flying colours, she recommended that because of my age, and consequently thinning skin, which will effect my eyelids, that I start using eye drops on a daily basis to keep them moist, but otherwise, I am good to go, thank god at least one part of me is still in working order.

We had a knock on the main gate last week, and it was EPM, the electricity provider for this area, the man had come to do a Meter check, he immediately caused panic, because he said we had the wrong meter for a Solar system, and he would have to disconnect us from the Grid, fortunately, although Marcela was out, my friend Jaime had just been finishing off a job here, and stayed throughout to help me out.

I explained that the Solar Engineer said, he had had a long meeting at the EPM Office in Medellin, and complied with their requirements, after consulting with his Boss, he thankfully agreed. The Engineer, then did a full wiring test, and stated that all our running needs appeared to be supplied by them… So where is our solar power going?

We have since had correspondence with our Solar Installation Company, Natam Energi SAS, and a copy of the letter they received from EPM, we have to pay to have a bi-directional meter installed, and until it is, EPM can’t state categorically where the problem is with our energy supply, Natam have also stated that as the ‘damaged’ solar panel is working, they will not replace it, albeit, if we want it replaced, we can pay for it to be removed, shipped to Bogota and re-installed, are we impressed?… I think not.

Marcela has spoken with the installation Engineer from Natam today, and apparently we have three options,
1. Buy the Meter and they will install it, do the legalisation process, and depending on the resulting report, re-imburse us for electric paid for from EPM from the date of installation.

2. Employ a third party to install a meter, but then depending on the installer, we might have to sort out the legalisation process with EPM ourselves.

3. Get a quote for EPM to install a meter, obviously then, legalisation is not an issue.

We have talked it over, Marcela contacted EPM, they do not install Meters, they just charge to legalise them, which sums them up nicely. She has spoken with our Electrician, who has never installed a Meter, he is fully licenced, and could do the job, so he is making some enquiries regarding the legalisation side of it before deciding.

It makes sense to use our Electrician, because if later there is a problem, we can call him, however if not we will go with Natam.

Woodwork has been slow to say the least, I have been having terrible trouble getting stain, and varnish to dry. This isn’t the best time of year, as we are in winter, although we get some hot sunshine most days, it is very humid, which is extending drying time.

It has taken nearly a week for the first coat of varnish on the dog crate top to dry, I gave it a light sanding, last night, and a second coat of varnish this morning, hopefully once dry, I can complete the assembly, and take it into the house.

Never one to sit and twiddle my fingers, I decided that I would strip down a coffee table, I made years ago, change the design, sand, stain and varnish that as well.

I wanted to cut off the rounded edge, so it had a chamfer like the dog crate, make it look a little more modern. I know the colours will never match, the dog crate top is made out of chanu, a light coloured wood, this table is made out of reclaimed abarco, I rescued from the garden at our last house, stripped and reused, it will be darker altogether.

The top was easy to remove, because it was attached with pockethole screws from underneath.

I sanded the whole table back to bare wood, I then decided that rather than use my Router, I would cut the chamfer with my table saw, that might not have been the best decision, it was relatively easy to set up the table saw, and I cut three sides without a problem, but on the fourth, as I was finishing the cut, due to the weight of the abarco, I dropped the table top on top of the blade, which was still spinning, and it cut into the top. Fortunately the table was sufficiently long, that I could cut the damaged area out, re-chamfer it, and it was still long enough to fit on the base.

I then stained it with the oak, before leaving it to dry. This morning I gave the whole table a coat of varnish, as in both projects, I am using a semi-gloss varnish. The legs and base will just have the one coat, the top, like the other, will receive a light sanding, then a second coat when dry.

With the oak stain, it certainly does look a lot darker, but more in keeping with the rest of our furniture.

Twice in one Day!

I said I had been busy, and then realised that my last post was dragging on, so decided to make it two!

Last Saturday, whilst alone, I was in bed reading, when the volume of music from somewhere nearby went through the roof, so I decided to go out and have a look, to see where it was coming from.

I was treated to a light show, in the distance. I have always been fascinated by thunder and lightening storms, when I was on Police Patrol, I would park up on a highpoint, just sitting and watching the show. This was much the same, I just stood and watched for what seemed like ages.

I have invested in another wildlife camera, the other was/is fine, but it eats batteries, and with my current aqilments, I can’t get up and down the mountain like I used to, so this lasts a while longer.

I think we have someone coming into the orchard and helping themselves to Platano, and possibly avocados as well, but I wont say anything, until I have the evidence. The benefit of this is that I also see our native wildlife in action.

Our neighbours rent the property, we dont get on, they made demands before the house they live in was even built, and have upset other neighbours, I suspect one or more of those sent to work for them, have been straying over the fence, and I intend to put a stop to it. I don’t want them to know we have cameras below, until I confront them, so we’ll wait and see, this incident, will just be added to the list.

That just about brings me up to date, it’s now time to take the Boys for a bath and haircut hopefully they’ll feel a bit fresher afterwards.