Damn Tooth!!

I have spent the morning cleaning the apartment, and packing my case, it\’s a shame I have still got three days to wait!

I should have kept my mouth shut, the same tooth, well, the one in the same place, has come adrift again, Marcela wanted to ring the Dentist, but there is no point, it will be loose again by tomorrow! I will keep pushing it back into position, until it becomes really loose, then will use the glue given to me for emergencies.

We have got to go out this afternoon to get some last bits for Marcela, but I am waiting for her and her Mother to finish having their nails done, the woman has been here since 9.15am, and it is now 12.30pm !!!

Another busy morning

Everything seemed to go smoothly this morning, and consequently we had everything doen in double quick time!

I was at the dentist at 9.30am and had my plastic crowns removed, and replaced with semi permanent ones, the Specialist was not happy with the colour match, although they look great to me, so she is changing them when I get back from the honeymoon, and then hopefully they will be permanent, I have just got to hope that these stay on longer than the previous ones.

From the Dentist, I picked up Marcela, who had been running errands in town, and we went back to the Salon, where we had the wedding, to pick up some things, and from there we called at the Notary\’s Office to collect our copy of the wedding certificate, and as Marcela said to me… There is no escape now! hahaha! however I did point out that, the certificate was handed to her, and not me, at which, she promptly put it in my hands!

Back to Bello, where we had lunch, did some shopping, and headed home. Marcela has now gone to the hairdressers like a nervous child, as she has decided to have her hair cut into a bob, which she has never done before, it always having been long.

Other than packing our suitcases, I think we are just about ready to head off for the Honeymoon, and we are both looking forward to relaxing for a fortnight.

Busy again!

Started yesterday by ringing the Ministry of Immigration to see if my Residency Card was ready, to be told that due to a problem with the card Printers, there was a backlog, and it would be another two weeks!

We then set off to Medellin and returned the Wedding Dress, and other bits, at least that is now out of the way, and Marcela got her deposit back.

Then it was time for the Dentist, this time only an hour, and my tooth was re-installed yet again! from there we went to the Photographers, to choose 60 out of 200+ photos, but we had trouble choosing 60, because to be honest, he was not that good! however we have chosen 55 ish, and there are some beautiful ones of Marcela. These photos are printed on the pages in an album, not put in as individual photos, and more as a collage, they overlap, so can not be scanned, however, apparently we will also get a CD of those photos we have chosen, I just hope they do not have the company logo across them.

By now, time was marching on, so we had some lunch, and then headed home.

News from Spain, now looking as if I may have to pay more taxes, which I have already paid, so had to sit down and fire off another email, explaining yet again, that the properties were revalued last year, and taxes paid, if they take anymore money off me, I might as well give the house away, because there will be nothing left.

As for todays plans, back to the Photographer this morning, to have another taken, which will be Poster size, to be hung in the house. Then Dentist again later.

Photo taken, and then went to the Dentist, to find my appointment cancelled, they did not want to risk me suffering whilst on my flight on Monday, so delayed until my return, however they stuck my tooth in again!

Wedding Day!

Saturday, I had my Dental appointment postponed until Tuesday, which was a saving grace, as we needed every minute of the day to do the last minute arrangements!

Saturday evening and after Marcela and Maria Elena had supervised my haircut at the hairdressers… I returned to the apartment alone, whilst Marcela stayed with her Mother for the night. I had been looking forward to a good sleep with the bed all to myself, but should hhave known better, as one of the houses on the estate decided to have an allnight party, which doesn\’t comply with the rules, but hey! if you are local, no one says boo! I eventually got to sleep about 5am, and woke again at 7am. I hoovered out the car for Marcela, and at 7.45am she turned up with Mum to collect it, although I was not allowed to speak with her, so sent a text instead.

I passed away the morning poking around on the internet, cleaning the house, and doing a load of washing.

At midday, I started to get myself ready, and was collected by Sandra, Oscar and Sebastian at 1pm, having made sure that I had the rings, and my wallet! and we made our way to Celebraciones Villa Real, which is a venue used for many types of celebrations including weddings, you can see more of the place here: http://www.banquetesvillareal.com/index2.html

On arrival, I was introduced to the extended family and friends as they arrived, then it was time…

The only thing that was making me nervouse was, if I misheard the Notary and gave the wrong response, but I need not have worried, when Dr. Lizardo de Jesús Marín Quintero arrived, he immediately put me at ease. Marcela arrived, looking absolutely gorgeous (when I say arrived, she was upstairs, having  got ready at the premises). The Notary greeted everyone who had come, and made it a real family occasion, it did not seem formal at all, which made the whole process so easy, I can\’t thank him enough.

We then started with the photos, I think Marcela is lined up for another career, she was marshalling everyone to their place, and setting the scene, if the Photographer thought he was going to have a say, he was sadly mistaken, however, he seemed suitably impressed with her work, ha!ha!

I was then asked to sit down, to watch a video, strange, but everything had gone alright so far, so I thought no more of it, although I thought I knew what was happening. Marcela asked everyone to gather round, and then up pops my Brother David, and his family on the screen, I nearly fell off the chair, and to be honest, did not take in all that was said, (I have watched it again today) I am not ashamed to admit that I could feel the tears building up… then started the second video, this time from my friends in Cadiar, both English and Spanish, that just about finished me off.

Marcela informed me that she started the arrangements for this, soon after I returned from Colombia in November, how she, and everyone involved kept this a secret, I will never know, and I did not suspect a thing.

After a lovely meal, there was the traditional giving of the Brides bouquet, but unlike the UK where it is tossed over the shoulder to all the single girls, here, every single girl takes off a shoe, they are all put under the brides dress, and the groom, pulls them out one by one, and the owner of last one left, gets the bouquet, that way the flowers are not damaged.

Then there was dancing, this was my time to sit and reflect, as anyone who knows me, will tell you, I don\’t or rather…can\’t dance!

6pm, it all wrapped up, and as I walked to the car, my tooth popped again… Oh well! at least it stayed for the photos.

From there Marcela and I went to a Hotel in Medellin for the night, it was lovely the whole suite, bathroom including the jacuzzi were carpeted in fresh rose petals, I would not have wanted to be the cleaners today! Marcela was suitably impressed (so was I) with the 2.0m bed, I finally had a bed, I could sleep in, and not cling to the edge ha!ha!

After breakfast in our suite, we headed off, and going to Maria Elena\’s to collect some presents, and our portion of the cake, which unfortunately Customs do not allow us to ship abroad… sorry! Then we have spent the day looking at photos taken by family, the videos and generally chatting.

It was a wonderful occasion, and I for one, am very happy.

Pre Wedding Arrangements

Spent another three hours at the Dentist yesterday, and two more today, I am having a problem with one of the temporary Crowns, it keeps coming off, Wedding photos maybe a re-enactment of Count Dracula!! I have now been given my own glue supply…

Not a lot to report, we are getting things organised for the Wedding which is now only 47hours away, Marcela has gone with her Mother to pick up the Dress etc. and I am getting things organised for our night away, as we are not going on honeymoon for another week.

It is still very hot and humid, we have some rain most evenings, but that just reminds me, that there is no chance of a water shortage here!

There probably won\’t be another entry before Monday or Tuesday, so will sign off for now.

Ups and Downs!

Yesterday, I went to the Dentist early, and was there for nearly four hours, the first Dentist prepared and fitted two temporary crowns, to replace my top front teeth, they looked lovely, then I was in with Magnolia, for a cleaning session, which she extended to today, but I left, with my mouth feeling slightly odd, as the alignment of my teeth had been corrected,.

On arrival home, I received an email from Spain, to say that one of my escrituras was incorrect, and would have to be drawn up again, however the Buyer wants to stay wioth it, and will pay for the work, if I agreed to deduct it from the price, and asked if due to the extended delay, he could move into the house, if he drew up a contract covering payment of all the bills.

More money down the pan… but it will have to be done, I have been told that enquiries will be made to ensure that this work needs to be done, and get a price in writing, although I have been given an estimate. I have asked to find out how long this is going to take.

In the afternoon, I finally met Marcela\’s estranged Father, my opinion of him is tainted, by the stories told by Marcela, however he was pleasant enough, time will tell.

This morning I woke, and nearly choked… one of my crowns had come off and I nearly swallowed it, it was only my gagging reflex that stopped it disappearing for good. So now, rather than looking like Prince Charming, it\’s more like Count Dracula, if something is not done, the Wedding Photos will look lovely!!! Good job I have another appointment this morning.

Update: I spent another couple of hours at the Dentist, and I am there again tomorrow, I can now smile again, and I have been given some special glue, should the tooth come away when I cannot get to a Dentist!

I have had further communication from Spain, and things seem to be going rapidly downhill, the whole procedure is delayed another three months, which is the time it will take to rectify the paperwork, and the cost of doing this is spirraling. I hope that there are no further unpleasant surprises.

Oh Dear!!

This morning was Dental appointments for both of us, I went first and saw a Specialist I had never seen before,  he seemed to know what he was doing, and he was another who was less than impressed with the work done in Cadiar. Don\’t ask me what he did, I have no idea , but I was in the \’chair\’ for over an hour, and I have another two appointments with two different Dentists tomorrow morning, the first at 7.45am!!

Whilst I was been treated in one room Marcela went in another for a clean, and then laser whitening, I wish she had just had the clean, because she has been suffering ever since, following the laser treatment, and she has to go back again next week.

From there we went to the Shopping Centre, and met up with Maria Elena, she has a dripping shower, due to the tap not sealing. We went for lunch, then whilst they went off shopping, I went to my favourite shop to buy a new tap insert.

Back home, I dropped Marcela off, picked up my tool box, and went round to Maria Elena\’s, unfortunately the tap handle screw had been disfigured, so I had to break the handle to get at the insert, there is a small Ferreteria ( Iron Mongers) round the corner, so a handle was obtained from there, job done!, I packed up and came home.

Final Wedding Dress Fitting!

Yesterday, we had Sebastian for the day, as Sandra was still in the Clinic, and his Father at work, he was a handfull, and in one of those, I\’ll see how far I can push you, moods. We took him out for lunch, did some shopping, then returned home.

We had to be in Medellin for 5pm as Marcela had her last Wedding Dress fitting, but we left early, because we had a call from Maria Elena, who was with Sandra, to say that she was being discharged, so we collected them first.

Whilst Sebastian, and the Girls went to the Wedding Shop, I went off to an Office Suppliers nearby, and got some bits for the Office, then called at a cafe nearby for some \’refreshment\’!!

When the Ohhs! and Ahhs! had finished, we headed home, dropping the family off at Maria Elena\’s house, we then had some supper, before having an early night. Unfortunately we did not benefit from it, as someone, not from our estate, had an all night party, so we did not get a lot of sleep.

This morning, we did the house cleaning between us, and then I prepared lunch, whilst Marcela was trying to catch up on some work. This afternoon, we were visited by the whole family, it was  nice to see them all, and as usual, Sebastian kept both Maria Elena and myself busy!!

We are having a quiet evening, before hopefully getting a good night sleep.

Another walk!

I had a fairly relaxed morning, we couldn\’t go anywhere, because Marcela had a meeting in the city just after midday, then visiting a Client, before visiting her Sister. So when Marcela left here, I packed up, and went off for a walk.

As I sure sure that many of you will know, the best way to get to know an area, is to purposely get lost, and then find your way to where ever you want to go, well I got lost a little earlier than planned, and saw a lot more of Bello than I had bargained on. However I eventually found my way to the Centre, and then wandered a while, and had some lunch before heading home.

I had not been back long when I received a call from a mystery English woman… it turned out to be Marcela, she had better not try to tell me that she cannot speak English, she was very good, even though it did not last long!

It has been getting warmer and warmer today, so in the end, I gave in, and climbed into my lycra, and went for a swim, the water was lovely and refreshing, I just did a few lengths, and then came home.

Tomorrow, Marcela goes with her Mother, for the final trial of her wedding dress, I offered to give my opinion, but I have been told that I cannot go in with her… I can\’t think why! I was going to stay here, but if it is not bucketing down with rain, then I will go for a mooch nearby.

Do not go to the Dentist in Cadiar!!

It has certainly been an enlightening day, and one that anyone still living in Cadiar should learn from!!!

I had my first appointment with a Dentist here, this morning, just for a check up and a clean… or so I thought.
I had been told that Dentists in Colombia took a lot of beating, when it came to quality and workmanship, but even this one made me sit up and listen.

Magnolia (the Dentist) did a thorough examination, then told me that she was going to have to undo all the work that had been done by my Dentist in Cadiar, and redo it, as it was some of the worst dentistry she had ever seen, and then came the hard part, this in total is going to cost me 13,000,000 pesos, or just over €5500,

If this is what the Cadiar Dentist is doing to us, it would be cheaper to return to the UK for private treatment! I had to smile, Marcela asked me if his name was Dr. Frankenstien!!!!!!!!!!!! That being said, I start my treatment Monday morning!

Whilst in Bello, we witnessed an accident on the main street, an elderly man walked out in front of a motorcycle, and both ended up on the ground, but the Elderly Gent came off worse, this time no one could blame the motorcyclist, as he was not going fast. There were enough siteseers, so we left them to it.

We had a call to say that Marcela\’s sister, Sandra was being admitted to a Medical Clinic, where she had some treatment a week or two ago, she has had complications, which need resolving, and hopefully she will not be there long, but we had to meet up with Maria Elena and collect some things, we then had lunch, before taking Maria Elena back to the Clinic, and now we are back home.