Another busy few days

The weather constantly changing, has left me with a cold, but I won’t complain, I’ve heard all the jokes! Most days it is a lot warmer, but we are still getting a fair amount of rain, apparently the ‘Experts’ are predicting that we will have 25% more than usual December and January, and 60% moreContinue reading “Another busy few days”

It’s been a Doggie week!

Pepe came home, and has spent most of his time sleeping, which has helped both his recovery from the surgery, and his damaged ligament, he goes out to do his bodily functions without a problem, and is eating all he can get hold of, so no change there. On Thursday we took Pepe to haveContinue reading “It’s been a Doggie week!”

Back to normality…for Today!

Just in passing, an update on Pepe, Marcela had appointments yesterday and today, so she has done the hospital visit whilst out, I will visit tomorrow, and hopefully Pepe will come home Saturday. I am informed that he is doing great, the Vet has said that, he is a strong brave dog, which we alreadyContinue reading “Back to normality…for Today!”

I found another Project

The weather has been awful recently, towns and villages flooded, landslides and everything associated with heavy rain, there have been a few hours of sun, but nothing to write home about. As a result, I decided to look for another project, I had plywood/triplex left over from the last Project, and decided to make evenContinue reading “I found another Project”