Patience is a Virtue!

Pepe now has a leg support that works, although it takes two of us to fit it, which isn’t ideal. However when walked with the support, he doesn’t seem to suffer afterwards, without it, he is off his feet for the day. We made the decision not to continue with Pepe’s chemotherapy treatment, despite theContinue reading “Patience is a Virtue!”

Now to get ready for another year!

I hope that you all had a great time with family and friends, we probably ate too much, and some drank too much, but on the whole a good time had by all, and now wait for New Year! Lala has settled in to family life We just have to remember and accept that sheContinue reading “Now to get ready for another year!”

An Addition to the Family

Again it’s been a busy week, on Tuesday I had a Specialist appointment in Medellin to see if I was suitable for a partial replacement knee, I had been referred by my Hip Specialist, as she believed it would be a beneficial move. It was Pico y Placa, which means that vehicles, depending on theirContinue reading “An Addition to the Family”

I am allowed to smile again!

Pepe has had a reasonable week, he has not suffered from his chemotherapy, on Monday he has another ultrasound and blood tests, and the results of those will determine if he continues with the treatmnet, or whether he just has pallative care, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. We have been informed that theContinue reading “I am allowed to smile again!”

Another busy few days

The weather constantly changing, has left me with a cold, but I won’t complain, I’ve heard all the jokes! Most days it is a lot warmer, but we are still getting a fair amount of rain, apparently the ‘Experts’ are predicting that we will have 25% more than usual December and January, and 60% moreContinue reading “Another busy few days”