God Save the King!

The start of a new era, but despite being on the other side of the world, I will always be English, so I was awake at 5am, sometimes time differences can be a pain! glued to the TV, only the Coronation Ceremony was shown, but I expect the procession will be on YouTube later, I have to admit to being a little disappointed, cutting much of the pomp and pageantry was a shame. However I wish King Charles well, not that he will be in the least bit interested if I do or don’t.

I have the oil for the Generator, topped it up, then used all my standby Petrol in the tank, it hardly made a dent, with six gallons, the indicator hardly moved, however, it started first turn of the key, that was impressive

I have to admit that it is very loud, compared to it’s smaller cousin, hiding in my workshop (2300w), but if it does the job. Now I will have to arrange for our Electrician to return and give me a list of materials he will need to install an interlock kit, so we can connect the whole house, without back feeding, and frying anyone working on the line.

Morning walks have been a pleasure this week, summer is definitely here, for how long, is another matter, but the Government have issued a warning to 15 days of very hot weather, the only issue, is if the streams dry up, and we are left without water, we may be a bit niffy!

However, in the mean time, we’ll enjoy the views.

The dogs seem to be settling down, Nala has definitely made herself at home, and Pepe is playing with her, even Tito, who keeps his distance, is slowly accepting the situation.

This was taken the other day, I had come in from working the land for lunch, and had five minutes with these two, before starting again.

Thursday I went to the Physiotherapists to inform them that I wouldn’t be returning, I had decided that I wanted to do it face to face, and explain why, but true to form, my Physio was not there, so we explained it to the Physio covering, and she gave us a form for complaint.

I will now continue with my Hydrotherapy only, and to be honest, I think that is helping, and they listen to you, well done ‘Fundacion Reines’ in Llanogrande!

Things are changing in Colombia, everyone seems to be at loggerheads, the International Press have yet to cotton on, they seem to be only seeing one side of the picture and reporting that as gospel. I have my opinion, but will keep it to myself for now, it is up to the people of Colombia to decide what they want, and as a Guest, I accept that. Let’s just say that on a local level, the people are starting to feel the pain.

Next week, I have more appointments, one for a skin cancer revision, hydrotherapy, and a trip to Medellin to collect our Authorisation card from Police HQ to carry a VHF radio outside the curtilage of our property, if stopped, we can produce the authority. So I guess again, not much will get done here, hopefully the long hot dry spell, if it happens, will slow down growth of grass and hedge, reducing my workload.

Thanks for following, and hope you all enjoy your week-end.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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