Relax…That’s a Joke!

After my knee Nerve Blocks, I was supposed to sit with my feet up for five days, but that’s not me!

I sat around for a day and a bit, and that was all I could manage, to be honest, I think Marcela was glad, at least she only had to walk Nala once.

We unpacked the Generator, but I can’t try it, I have been trying to get the correct oil, but locally that’s a joke, the only place was charging about three times the going rate, probably, because it is the only place. I have therefore ordered it online, and will be able to collect it tomorrow, then we can see what the beast is capable of.

during the week we have had a few commitments in town, which meant trying out another Eatery, we went to Marini Restaurante, small, basic, but the food couldn’t be faulted, we will have no problem revisiting here, the only downside, is there is limited space, we were lucky, there were many coming whilst we were there, and being turned away, I’ll put Photos on my Restaurant Review Page.

On Saturday, I decided it was time to do a bit of Community work, with the second access road from the Veredas shut, all traffic has to pass us (there is a third option at a push, but it means about an hour detour), as a result, it is being torn to bits, so with tools in hand I made my way to the nearest and probably deepest holes, and set to work, giving my soft hands a couple of blisters in the process.

Hopefully others will follow suit, but I seriously doubt it!

Yesterday, I was in bed all day, feeling really ill, we think it was food poisoning, but what, we don’t know, because we both ate the same, and Marcela had no problems, it was obviously only a 24hr bug, because today I am fine.

First, I took Nala for her walk, then took Pepe and Tito, so that Marcela could have a lie in, after looking after us yesterday.

Obviously our neighbours decided to do some exploring, from the state of the road, they had been out most of the night.

They looked quite docile until we passed, and the middle one stood up, and I realised it was a young Bull, fortunately my Boys behaved and walked quietly passed!

Time for me to hang up my keyboard for today, I have to cook a large joint of meat in the bbq barrel smoker!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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