My weeks seem to be much shorter these days, with at least two days a week written off for Physiotherapy and Hidrotherapy, the only upside of those days is having lunch out, either with Marcela, or if she was busy on my own. The Physiotherapy is coming to an end, the Therapist has been making matters worse instead of better, but for the Therapist at the Hydrotherapy, I think I would have been back on a walking stick, so at my next appointment, I am telling her…no more!

Yesterday, I had to be in Rionegro for 8am for a double nerve block, one in each knee, as always, I was left waiting on the bed, freezing, for ages for the procedure, eventually going in at 10am, but the Doc was fantastic, I couldn’t fault him, friendly, informative, and Professional, thank you Dr Carlos Restrepo! He showed me that there was fluid on my right knee, which he removed, before giving me the nerve block, other than the needle insertions, I didn’t feel a thing, as I was given a local this time, in the past, I had declined it, but there was no option this time.

However, since the local has worn off, the pain in my left knee has been strong(?), not unbearable, but not far off, so I have been using ice packs, and I am grounded for five days!

On our way back home, yesterday, we met a Police Squad leaving the Vereda, we were stopped for a check, which I was pleased about.

I deleted sound, because it contains our conversation. Nice to see them in the area, however I rather see one bike, and see them more often, than three bikes, and then nothing for months!

On Friday, Marcela and I went into town to collect my new aquisition:

I have a 2500w generator, but it’s not sufficient to run anything in the house, other than the fridge, the freezer and a light, this one at 8500w will run the house, when we have time I will ask our Electrician to come and install an Interlock kit, so that it can be connected directly to the main fuse panel, without sending power back up the line and electrocuting and Power Supply Workers, until then, I will continue with extension cables.

I had bought it online, and because we cannot get any Courier to deliver out here, had it delivered to their office. I knew it was going to be heavy, but didn’t realise quite how heavy, Marcela and I, tried moving it between us, but it was a case of an inch at a time, so the Assistant came out with a trolley, and helped us out to the kerbside. Marcela stayed with it, whilst I went for the car. On my return, I found that she had persuaded a passing Motorcyclist to give me a hand loading it.

Once back home, I backed up to the workshop, put a couple of planks to the back of the car, and we slid it down, and then inched it into the workshop, now I have to fit the wheels and handle, before we can try using it, I will have to buy the appropriate oil. It is certainly a beast!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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