It’s been a long week

We are now up and running on the Police VHF Radio, Marcela has taken a serious interest, which is probably just as well, as trying to understand what is being said, as the speed they talk is proving difficult, it’s bad enough when we are face to face, but at least I can understand more by watching facial expressions. Whatever, as least we now have direct communication, we book on in the morning, and off when we go to bed, although that doesn’t stop us communicating at any time.

My Sister-in-law posted photos of her using the costume jewellery stand, as a Trade Fair recently

At least it’s being used, which did go through my mind!

I have been odd jobbing again this week, the main electric gate was starting to look shabby, it was time to give it some attention, I gave it a coat of Teak Oil, and it’s come back like new.

Next will be a paint job to bring the black, back up to new as well, there are patches of rust starting to show, so I can’t leave it too long.

I have been for Physio and Hydro therapy again, leaving with the same impression, Fisinova just doesn’t care, on Tuesday the Physio obviously had her own problems, and had another Physio working on her, she got more attention than we did.

I have asked Marcela to come with me tomorrow for my appointment, and discreetly watch from outside the room, to see if my assertion is correct, or if I have just taken an unjustified dislike to the place, which to be honest wouldn’t surprise me, my previous experiences with Fisinova have not been good ones. However if Marcela agrees with me, I will be terminating any further appointments with the Company, and just continue with the Hydrotherapy.

I seem to be back to square one with my knees, in the past, I have described them as feeling as if I have a couple of wooden blocks as knees, pain and no sensation, they are feeling like that again, I know there is no gain without pain, but I would like someone to explain what I should be feeling, and no one has.

I have continued to move things around both in my workshop and down in the basement storage room, as I have said space was at a premium in the workshop, if I didn’t do something, I would have to stop buying gadgets, and that would never do, so the rest of the Christmas stuff, went down into basement storage, our old motorcycle helmets went on hooks from the roof, instead of taking up shelf space, there is still more to be done, but for now, I have a little more space…Hello Amazon, ha ha ha! 😉

Yesterday, we took the boys for a wash and brush-up, they had been starting to look like a couple of mini Yetis, and niff a bit, they needed, especially Pepe, a bit more than just a shower in the carport!

Now they are both looking smart again, although I am not sure they are thanking us, they seemed to be feeling the cold last night!

Despite Pepe’s medical prognosis, he seems to have perked up recently, which in itself may not be good news, he wants to play with Nala more than he has ever done, they run around the garden together, much to Tito’s disgust, but at least Pepe knows when he has had enough, and as the elder Statesman, Nala is learning to respect that.

This morning Marcela and her Mum left early for a Medical appointment an hour and a half away, when they were driving out, Marcela called me, one of the top rollers on the main gate had fallen off, and the gate had wedged itself half open, fortunately with just enough room for the car to get through, so I told her to go, and out came the tools.

I have to be honest, it’s my fault, I knew that over time the roller unscrews itself, and usually I check it from time to time, and I hadn’t, so paid the price. Once I had found the correct tools, it went back together easily, but as it was some time, since the last maintenance, it took some time to collect together those tools.

This put me behind with my chores, so after loading the washing machine, then taking Nala for a walk, followed by Tito and Pepe , I finally got around to breakfast about 8am. By this time I was ready to go back to bed, Nala had woken me at 3.45am washing my face, as she likes to do, if you don’t respond immediately, it’s at these times, you realise how big her tongue really is!

The rest of the day is just pottering, I am not expecting Marcela back until mid afternoon, so I can’t do a lot outside the immediate area of the house, I don’t trust my knees at the moment to venture further down the land, without there being someone to radio, if I have a problem.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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