What a Family!

Tuesday, I went for my first Therapy sessions, first for Physiotherapy at Fisinova in Rionegro, and I have to say that by the time I left at the end of the 40 minutes, my opinion of SURA provided physiotherapists has not changed since my experience in 2016, when physio for my knee lead to months of treatment on an old spinal injury, as a result of , lack of interest, I think the same is likely to happen here, and if the same attitude prevails, I will not be continuing with the course.

Having finished that, I went straight to Fundacion Reines, Llanogrande for my Hydrotherapy, which was different again, the two Instructors were excellent, it was obvious that they were watching you from their comments, and if anyone was struggling, one of them, would give some, one to one, the pool although covered and outside, was heated, and not just tepid, I could have stayed in that pool all day!!

I have the same time schedule this Tuesday, so watch this space.

Nala is back to her old tricks, firstly she took a liking to my work on the trailer, we came back after a few hours out to find:

She had chewed off my new lighting cable, leaving me just enough cable to attach new. I think she knew how much I loved doing this job, and wanted to give me practise, fortunately, it didn’t take me too long to do the repair, although I haven’t had time to test it out yet.

But that wasn’t the only incident… We had been having trouble with the drain in our bedroom shower, the water was draining slower by the day. We have to be careful because we have a septic tank system, albeit, fortunately the showers go into the grease trap, not the septic tank, so I had been trying chemical cleaners, unsuccessfully.

I have a drain snake, and decided whilst Marcela was out with her Mother, I would try to see if there was a blockage, and boy was there one, I suspect the build up had started with the previous occupants, and from the evidence, Marcela’s long black hair was the main culprit. I hooked out a load, and then there was the old rotted hair, which had turned to mud, it would come out, so I resorted to the toilet plunger, and after filling the drain with water, four or five plunges, there was a pop, and it all disappeared, problem solved.

I then disinfected the shower, and the plunger, putting the latter in the sun to dry. When Marcela returned, she made a comment about something down the garden, I went to look, and Nala had pinched the plunger, chewed off the rubber bowl, which was strewn across the garden, and the wooden handle was well chewed. All in all a write off. Nala was not popular.

On Wednesday we had to take both Pepe and Nala to the Vet, Nala was a straight forward check up after her Papaloma virus, and she was given the all clear. Pepe had to have an ultrasound, and blood test for his cancer, unfortunately his remission didn’t last long, and he has two nodules again, and his blood reading came back higher than they should be.

Marcela and I had had a conversation the night before, in case this was the outcome, and we had made the decision, that Pepe would not be put through more chemotherapy, he will be made as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible, and then he will leave us peacefully, this was conveyed to our Vet.

Yesterday, was the turn of Tito, he has started being aggressive towards Nala again, I had noticed that there were days when Tito’s eye appeared cloudy, and I wondered if, an eyesight problem was causing his agression, Marcela agreed, so he went for an examination. The Vet concluded that Tito has the start of cataracts in both eyes, but not bad enough to cause a major problem with his sight, or requiring surgery…yet! That was good news, but doesn’t help us with the Nala problem.

Talking of Nala, having moved out of town into the countryside, she is still finding lots of new things to interest her, this morning

Turkeys and Guineafowls, something she had not seen, and surprisingly she didn’t bark, or lunge, she just stood and stared.

With all this going on, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend in the workshop, I have been looking at ways to create storage space, on the cheap, floor space is all but taken up, wall space is premium, with not much left that I can reach, so a bit of re-organisation is required.

I have started by using some scrap plywood, and making a rack for spray cans (paint, glue, oil), it fits above my mobile saw -horses

This frees up a bit of shelf / bench space. Now to see what else I can throw together.

Today it was time for some gardening, so the grass is cut, and leaves from the trees composted.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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