I know that the seasons of old have been changing over recent years, much like everywhere else in the world, but I am really missing my four seasons of three months, Summer, Winter, Summer, Winter, we looked forward to the next summer, it was always just around the corner, but our last summer lasted about three weeks! Now it’s cold, grey and wet, even Nala is feeling it…

she is happy to follow the lead of her Brothers, and get nice and cozy! If only I had the time.

When we are out and about, Nala is getting much better when meeting new friends

She took one look at this cow, and asked me if it was “Dumbo”, I assured her that it wasn’t, the nose isn’t long enough! 🙂

This week has been the start of another round of appointments, firstly I had to go for an assessment for Physiotherapy, I told the Therapist that initially the Specialist had said I needed a prosthetic knee, only to change his mind at the last appointment, she agreed with me, that it is as a result of Government Policy, nothing to do with health requirements, and said, therapy wasn’t likely to help me much, and in six months, I would probably be on the list for surgery. The fact that I am booked for twenty sessions, with a 40 minute journey in each direction, didn’t sit well with me.

Then a couple of days later, I had an assessment for Hydrotherapy, fortunately this is only for ten sessions, nine after the assessment. I wasn’t happy with this, it might be a heated pool, and on a hot day, a lovely way to pass an hour, but this is an outside pool, and with the cooler weather… We´ll see!

Sunday, a day of rest… not in this house, Marcela and her Mum doing the weekly clean, and despite the rain, I have been out cutting the grass, whilst doing it, I decided to take the risk and remove the panels guarding my ‘new’ Galan de la Noche shrubs, I am hoping they have grown sufficiently that Nala will no longer be interested in them, but I left the posts, just in case

I am not dumb enough to think Nala wont grab one or both of them given half a chance, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

This week, we have a fairly full agenda, despite it being the start of Easter, tomorrow is Marcela’s 43rd Birthday, so after I have nipped to Rionegro first thing, I am taking her out for lunch, which won’t leave much time for anything else.

Wednesday, we have to go to Medellin for an appointment with the National Police, to apply for our licence to operate a VHF radio, as I mentioned previously, a security measure.

Then the following week,. the Therapy sessions start, I am trying to book one of each on the same day, to save on transport, we´ll see how it goes.

Another bummer, we were informed on Friday, by the Manager of the 4-72 Office we use as a PO Box, that he has been informed 4-72 is going bust, despite being the State run Postal Service, apparently the new Government have refused to finance it, and it’s going bankrupt. As a result, he wanted to warn us, that he is looking for another job, before he gets the boot, and the office will close as soon as that happens.

Unfortunately, I still have a number of packages in transit, so as much as I wish this lad all the best, I hope I receive all the packages that are on route, before he jumps ship, he has been one of the better Company employees we have dealt with.

I therefore spent a day, looking for another Company, that will accept packages from a multitude of Couriers, I have found one, Serviclip, slightly further afield, and definitely more expensive, but it appears to be a good option, I’ll just have to wait and see. I can either pay an annual fee, or by the package, I think to start, I will go by the latter, some months I have a multitude of packets, others, none, so I’ll try it for a time, and see which is going to be better for us.

Time for Sunday Lunch… then I think it will be feet up this afternoon, shut the door, and pretend it’s a summers day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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