A Busy Week

Firstly an update on the Kids… call them what you want, in our case the dogs are our Kids!
Pepe has finally been enjoying short walks, now he has his new support, one person can put it on in seconds, and he finds it comfortable.

Pepe’s daily walk!

After about 200m you can see it’s time to come back, but a little more each day, and he loves it.

Yesterday, we met up with some of Pepe’s friends

unfortunately I didn’t get my phone out quick enough, but Pepe and this Nag were nose to nose, it was lovely to see.

Tito is another matter, he has finished his course of tranquilising tablets, and is slowly starting to show it, growling at Nala again, for no reason. The other day he went for her, Marcela and I both moved in to part them, maybe we should have stood back. Nala pinned Tito to the floor, and did nothing, Tito on the other hand was showing his teeth, unfortunately for him, he made the mistake of attacking Marcela, fortunately she had a thick jacket on at the time, otherwise he would have had a lump out of his arm, he was confined to the bedroom for a while, coming out very contrite.

Tito is going to have to change, none of the incidents are Nala’s fault, ours maybe, for bringing Nala into the family, but attacking us, wont win him any friends.

Nala, well she is becoming a success story, it’s taking time, and we are definitely not there yet, so I shouldn’t talk too soon, but we are making great progress.

Firstly I bought a slip lead, for training, it had some success, but wasn’t stopping Nala having a go at lunging at both dogs and passing vehicles, in particular motorcycles, when out walking, there was no way I could let Marcela take her out, she is too powerful.

Then yesterday, the new prong collar arrived, it has always been a devise I had thought of as being cruel, until I watched a Dog Behaviourist from the UK (Will Atherton Canine Training) on Youtube, and he changed my mind altogether.

This morning she went out with the prong collar for the first time ( yesterday, she had worn it about the house, to get used to it), it was like having a new dog, she walked to heel, after a couple of unsuccessful lunges, she, for the most part, ignored everyone and everything whilst in the lane, OK it’s early days, but a promising start, long may it continue.

Around all this, I have been spending a fair amount of time in the workshop, on Sunday, I finished the first Adirondack chair

I soon realised that is, if I didn’t get on, oil it, and start the next one, I wasn’t going to benefit from this work as Marcela declared it very comfortable! so I gave the chair a coat of Teak oil

The nice thing about Teak oil is that is it has soaked in enough to use in less than two hours, so I was able to try it out myself, it was probably just as well Marcela had tried it out earlier, rather than me, because I realised I hadn’t bolted the legs to the body of the chair!

I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, whilst Tito took up his usual spot, I on the other hand contemplated a repeat performance.

Monday, I got stuck in, all the parts were cut, I just has the assembly and finish

My original plan had been for four of these chairs, but they take up so much space, that as comfortable as they are, I think two is the limit, unless I find a plan for smaller chairs!

Things are starting to change here, and not for the better, the Government announced a Plan whereby they will initiate a land grab. Where Landowners are leaving their land lying fallow, the Government will lay claim to the land, only giving the Owners a ‘Government price’, and then redistribute it to the poor. There are plenty of People who own land, because they can, not because they want to produce anything, as a result, they are now panicing, and selling off their land as small building Plots, down to about 400m2, some smaller, the law states a Plot has to be a minimum of 5000m2, but the local Authorities have big hands, and even bigger pockets, so nothing is said.

The problem will come with infrastructure, how will the small Water Companies that supply us, supply double the number of properties? also all the poorly installed septic tanks, if they even bother with them, will drain down into the water sources, contaminating the water supply.

These two fields in El Socorro, are adjacent to each other further down our lane, fortunately not visible from our house, but if they end up being vacation properties, the noise will travel, and you can bet the building will spread down the valley, it’s really sad, but when you have corruption on the scale there is here, you won’t stop it.

The only good thing at the moment, is that all the Neighbours on our side of the valley, farm their land, including ourselves, so there is no immediate threat here, hopefully, I will be long gone before it comes along this side. Oh well, that’s for another day!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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