Not a Bit of it!

I’ll come back to the Title in a minute.

Most of our time has been taken up the the Kids, the four legged variety! Pepe has been off his legs due to his cruciate ligament, he wants to go walking, but if he does, he can’t move for the rest of the day. Fortunately the new leg support arrived early this week, and it is far better than the old one, it doesn’t take two people to fit it, which is great. Pepe is still limited as to how far he can walk, but he is just happy to be able to get passed the front gate, without us leaving him behind.

Tito, has calmed down significantly with regard to Nala, he’s not totally there yet, but he is getting better

Wheras Pepe and Nala are fine with each other

Long may it continue!

Nala has become a total demon, she is like a mole in reverse, there are so many holes in, what was our lawn, I have given up counting.

I bought all three a treat last week, we were out of bones from the Butcher, so I bought Pepe and Nala a cooked bone, and Tito a chew from the Supermarket… big mistake! that night Nala had an exploding rear end, all over the kitchen, before any of them could do any more damage, I put them all in the bin, the bones and chews I mean.

Nala is still having difficulty getting through the night without an accident, we have taken to taking them out later, but it makes little difference, she wakes us, after the event!

I have made some headway with my Adirondack chairs, after cutting out the correct parts, well, nearly! (this time not my fault) I shou sugi ban (burnt) them, like I did to the bunkbed, and then yesterday, started assembly, only to find one of the parts was the wrong size, only one, all the others are fine, fortunately I had some wood left over, so cut out the correct size, burnt them (one for each of the two chairs), and today started assembly yet again.

Here I am going away from the plans, because the Designer calls for me to bang in nails, I don’t do nails, when it comes to furniture, so I am replacing those with pockethole joints, which involves hidden screws, it will take a bit longer, but will last and look better once done. I have bought a gallong of Teak Oil, and will be oiling the chairs before use. Maybe sitting on the chairs in our ‘Best’ clothes wouldn’t be such a good idea for the first week or two!

Marcela came to me the other day, and it appears our new President has done me a favour, Marcela asked if we could sell the house, currently rented out in Bello, something I always wanted to do. The current rental Agreement ends in August, so we can either wait, or buy out the Renter, who Marcela knows, and has spoken to about our intentions.

Instead of property, which is a precarious investment at the moment, we will invest the money in a ‘low risk’ area, and it will be there for Marcela’s retirement fund.

The problem is that the Colombian Government can’t seem to make up it’s mind what it is doing, from all accounts, the President and his Vice President are spending money like it’s gone out of fashion, on themselves, which they deny, but the allegations are there. Prices are skyrocketing, and since I have yet to find out if I am getting any rise in my pension this year, it is starting to hit my pocket. Petrol is shooting up in price, and will continue to do so all this year, as a result food and all goods reliant on transport are also shooting up on a weekly basis.

In two weeks time, we should have some idea how the Government intends to change the Health Service, there will be changes, and for many who do pay into the system, not for the better, if what is reported is correct.

The Government will not be contracting out the Health Service, instead managing it themselves, which has been done before, way before I arrived, and apparently that was the reason it was changed in the first place. The President has said that everyone will have access to the same standard of Service, whether they pay in or not, I think this is a pipe dream, because no one is going to pay in if they can get the same service for free.

Also they have stated the Service will be based on prevention, not the cure, with Doctors being sent house to house to do assessments, this will mean more Medics being required, and we are told, he intends to hire them from Venezuela and Cuba, that seems like more cost to me, not less. We just wait and see!

So with reference to my title, have thing changed or settled down, since my last publication… “Not a bit of it”.

With that, I will head off and put my feet up, as I am sure Nala will have us up tonight!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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