Back to Normal

Now Christmas and the New Year have been and gone, I guess we can look at getting back to normal, whatever that might be.

On January 2nd, all our decorations came down, and were put into storage for another year, and no that wasn’t my decision! Marcela might be keen to put them all up early, but fortunately she is just as keen to take them down again.

Pepe is our main concern at the moment, he received his leg support earlier this week, but it still wasn’t right, the idea is that he has support for both back legs, it straps around both, and then there is a vecro flap that joins the two on his back, with another strap that the Vet tried to pursuade us went up through his collar and back again, to stop it sliding off, however it was too long, it just slid off his back, he said it needed some more velcro sewn onto the support, so it could tighten up.

Fortunately I had a supply of velcro, and with the help of my Mother-in-law it was attached. We weren’t able to try it out until this morning, because we had been going out, and leaving the dogs alone, which wasn’t an option until we were there to supervise.

This morning we tried to fit the support, but Pepe was having none of it, with the pressure put on his neck from the strap through his collar, he just sat down, which was understandable, I tried it with his harness, but the strap was again too long, and had to be tied off, leaving Pepe uncomfortable. Marcela is now in direct contact with the Supplier. However on looking on the internet, for dogs with a sloping back such as Pepe, you need a special harness for the support. I think it’s time our Vet went for instruction. So Pepe is back lying on his bed.

Tito is like Jekyl and Hyde, one minute he is fine with Nala, the next ready to attack, but he is getting better. I can walk them together on their leads, without problem, and at times they play

This was the start of their game of Hide and Seek!

Tito had jumped up into the back of the car, Nala followed, but lost him

Tito popped his head up to see where Nala was, it was hilarious to watch, I wish I had been taking video instead of photos

Pepe, who is unable to jump, just watched on, as if they were both loco!

Nala is slowly destroying the garden, I’m not bothered, I’ll put it right once she is settled, but I was a bit miffed to find that she had got at my Galan de la Noche…Again, despite the protection I have temporarily installed

Hopefully there was no permanent damage, the one she pulled out originally, died back, but is sprouting again, so fingers crossed, but as you can see, anything that she can chew with wood content she will take.

including the wooden posts and bamboo poles used to mark the Borders, they were put there over two years ago, Nala has been ripping them out double time, I think they have rotted beyond reuse, so probably wont go back.

She is so proud of herself

However on the plus side, because she is like Pepe, food orientated, she is taking to her training, I take the treat bag out on the morning walk, if I take her alone, and we do some training for 5-10 minutes, on the way out, and the same on the way back, we’ll get there, it will just take time. She has already learned ‘Sit’, and doesn’t get her meals, unless she sits first, but she is so funny, she now does it without asking when she shes either of us with her food bowl, she almost bounces off the floor, down and up. That will change once we have ‘Stay’, but for now… Little Steps!

Wednesday, we had the day out, it was my Birthday, Marcela seems to think 65 is an important step, I’m not sure why, the only thing it entitles me to do, is apply to dual Citizenship in Colombia, without having to take any exams, but at the moment with the current Government, I might just hold tight, and see what happens before jumping from the frying pan into the fire, it would be nice to fully partake in Colombian life, I’ve been here eleven years next week, and don’t see myself leaving. Anyway,we had a nice time, a bite to eat, some shopping and to top it off, sun all day.

Sorry if you are not Dog lovers, it has been a doggy post, but I have to involve my family.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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