Now to get ready for another year!

I hope that you all had a great time with family and friends, we probably ate too much, and some drank too much, but on the whole a good time had by all, and now wait for New Year!

Lala has settled in to family life

We just have to remember and accept that she is still a Puppy, and does puppy things, she has to be watched, because she likes gnawing on things, so far, I have caught her before she has damaged any furniture, but it’s only a matter of time! More holes are appearing around the garden, I was always brought up to believe, that you couldn’t have dogs and a nice garden, fortunately it was something we never had to worry about with either Pepe or Tito, but now…

Talking about Tito, he is coming round slowly, we have identified the problem, it isn’t territorial, it is possessiveness, of us! so by a combination of giving Tito more fuss that he had before, and walking the two together at least once a day, he is becomning less agressive towards Nala, we still have a long way to go, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been able to spend a few minutes in the Workshop here and there, and finally have my router fence finished,

I can attach it to my Tablesaw fence using a couple of C Clamps, and I have set up dust/shavings collection with our old house vacuum hose, which I can now plug into both the new fence, and the hose to my workshpop vac. I am ready for action!

Christmas Eve, the ‘Experts’ informed us that we are now officially in the ‘Dry Season’ to most here, that means Summer, you could have fooled us! Christrmas Day, it was lovely until mid afternoon, then the clouds came over, and later drizzle started, then yesterday the heaven opened after I had finished washing the car, whilst I suppose, I was tempting fate, I wasn’t over happy, and this morning the drizzle continues. The family (Marcela, Mother-in-law, and Nephew) have gone off for a Medical appointment, some shopping, and the Cinema, leaving me to mind our four legged family, and act as Referee if required, so far so good.

I think this week, I am spending chasing around for parcels that I have on the way, I am back to pulling my hair out, the Courier Company in town that agreed to accept parcels from all Couriers, has reneged on the agreement, stating he never said that, however, both myself and Mother-in-law were present when Marcela went through the details with him, so Coordinadora, are now persona non grata in this household. Most parcels I have been able to redirect, even if it means to another town, but a couple, I suspect are going to be a financial loss and I will have to reorder.

Pepe is suffering this week, not only from his cancer treatment, but also the cruciate ligament injury. The week before Christmas, the support for his legs arrived at the Vet, unfortunately when we took Pepe to have it fitted, it was too small, and it had to go back, so we are waiting for a call, in the mean time I received a copy of the Bill from the company sending it, which was with the Vet, and I strongly believe the rubbish about the support being made to fit, was just that…rubbish! the receipt seems to show that it is a size medium, and on checking on Amazon, they can be bought there, the price is similar, so I don’t feel as if I have been fleeced, just mislead, and I will be taking this up with the Vet, when I see him tomorrow.

Pepe spent the first day and a half, after his last Chemotherapy, shaking, and on Friday, I found vomit, when I was cutting the grass, so I shall be monitoring him closely. He has certainly slowed down, and spends most of the day either on the sofa, or on his outside bed, the problem being, I don’t know if this is the cancer, or the ligament pain, it’s one of those times, you wish they could speak.

Oh well, since the family are out and about, I think I’ll settle in and watch a film or two, they cant have all the fun!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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