An Addition to the Family

Again it’s been a busy week, on Tuesday I had a Specialist appointment in Medellin to see if I was suitable for a partial replacement knee, I had been referred by my Hip Specialist, as she believed it would be a beneficial move. It was Pico y Placa, which means that vehicles, depending on their registration plate, are not allowed into the City limits, on that day it included us, we had to go by Bus then Taxi, it could have been worse.

Unfortunately the Specialist I had to see, turned out to be a total knob, and that is putting it politely, Marcela thought that with his attitude maybe he was racist, he had no interest whatsoever in my case, he said that my knee needed a total replacement, but not at the moment, because I can walk more than one Block, yes I can, because I have nerve blocks at least twice a year to kill the pain, and my Hip Specialist said there is a limit as to how many I can have. I was mid sentence when he said good-bye and kicked us out, saying he would see me again in a year… not if I see him first.

To be honest, I think the knee I have now, is the one, I will have to put up with, unless I ever leave Colombia. The President has stated his intention to change the whole Health Service, and spend the money on prevention not resolving current problems, if that is true, then I am stuffed.

On Wednesday, we had to take Pepe to our Vet for an Ultrasound on his Liver, this showed that the cancer has shrunk a little, so we gave the go ahead to continue Chemotherapy, whilst there Marcela made a point of telling me about one of the dogs that had made it’s home in the Vet, she is a Street dog, having been abandoned by a couple of Venezuelans, she and her sister were kicked out, the sister killed by a passing car, when the Vets heard the story, they let her sleep in the building every night, when they locked up, they had spayed her, she was given food and water along with all the street dogs. She was called Arenita, and was so friendly, she would jump on the sofa when Pepe had his treatment and sit with us, then Marcela let it drop that she was up for adoption.

I couldn’t pass up the chance, Marcela had repeatedly said she would never have another dog, but this was encouraging, so I pushed her, and she admitted that she was tempted, Arenita, I think is a German Shepherd cross, 9 months old, just a puppy. Marcela kept avoiding the question, I was ready to forget it, when later that night she decided to go for it.

On Thursday morning, I dropped Marcela and her Mum in town for a Nail session, and I took Pepe and Tito to the Vets, which doubles as a salon for cutting and bathing, so they met Arenita, and other than Tito’s usual indifference, there were no problems, so I asked the Staff if they would consider us for adoption, and knowing us, and our circumstances, they said yes.

We had decided that if the adoption was to go ahead, a new life deserved a new name, so Arenita became ‘Nala’, and when I went to pick up Marcela and her Mum later, we went on and collected ‘Nala’, signed the forms, had her vaccinated, and then back home.

Boy were we in for a surprise, I had forgotten what puppies entailed, and Nala is a big puppy!

The next problem was Tito, he refused to have anything to do with Nala, unless it was attacking her, to be honest, I am not too worried, we had the same problem when Tito joined the family, he didn’t like Pepe, now they are brothers, the difference here is the age gap, Tito is nine years old, it may take time, we’ll see.

However yesterday morning, Tito launched himself at Nala, and fed up with him, she retaliated, so I had to step in, before she did some serious damage

This was her teeth, but it was pure accident, she could have caused me serious damage if she had wanted to, unfortunately with age, my skin has become very thin, and injuries look worse than they are. However being teeth I was taking no chances, so it was disinfected and covered in iodine to avoid infection.

Yesterday afternoon, Nala enjoyed herself playing in the garden, that is lovely to see.

Unfortunately, Nala has decided to be a Puppy and make up for lost time ha!ha! This morning she woke us up at 4.30am, wanting to go out, yes, she is house trained, which is a bonus, when she came back in she jumped on Marcela’s side of the bed, which in our house is not allowed, so down she went, but then the cheeky bugger, jumped up on my side, snuggled back to back with me, and lay her head on my pillow, she had obviously done this in the past, but funny as it was, she wasn’t doing it here, so down again.

Later she went out, and came back with black paws, when I went out to see, she had dug up my newly planted, prized ‘Dame de la Noche’, fortunately in one piece, and then continued to dig down. I went and replanted it, on returning to the house, Marcela told me she was back on the bed, Marcela being slightly nervous, didn’t want to get her down herself, so I told Marcela what she had been doing, and as soon as I appeared, Nala jumped down, but blankets, sheets were all black from the soil! We are going to have to remedy this.

It was now 5.30am, so I decided to get up and get the dogs their breakfast, as Nala was clearly hungry.

Tito was still growling at her, but I think Marcela’s constant intervention was not helping the situation, I know she is worried one of them might get injured, but they are going to have to sort out their own relationship.

After breakfast, I took Nala and Tito for a walk, and although they ignored each other for the most part, they were both very good, and have been calmer since my return, I’m not saying the walk solved the problem but they have both been calmer, maybe just acceptance.

Marcela and her Mum have gone to do the Christmas food shop, I have cut the grass, and the dogs have been lying about minding their own business…Result! long may it last.

I think this will be my last post before Christmas, I therefore wish you all and your families a very Happy Christmas, may you receive all you wish for.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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