It has been a wasted week in many ways, I have been waiting for a parcel from Amazon, containing tool accessories I couldn’t find here, I needed them to complete my Router wing on my Workshop Tablesaw, they arrived in Colombia back on November 28th, and due to the Carrier using a third Party for delivery, there was a few days delay which I am used to, however the day they tried to deliver, the Postal Service 4-72, where I have a PO Box, decided to close the Office in Town permanently, because we live in a Rural area, no Couriers will deliver for security reasons, so we need an address in town.

We gave the Courier contracted by Amazon, another address to use, and were promised delivery, but the third party kept saying they had not been passed the information, and therefore couldn’t deliver, eventually they said they would deliver, only for the recipient, a relative of my Neighbour, to have gone on holiday for a week.

I was pulling my hair out, Marcela and I then trawled the Courier Services with an office in Town, to see if any would act as a delivery address, or ran a PO Box system for deliveries, fortunately we found one, gave the details to the Couriers, only for the third party to deliver to the people on holiday, and left it with a neighbour, fortunately to cut a long story short(er), we were informed, and went to collect it, but by this time is was Pepe’s time to continue chemotherapy, so woodwork is on the backburner.

Wednesday, we were up at 5am, and Pepe readied to go for blood tests

it was an early appointment, because Marcela had an eyetest she couldn’t miss in Rionegro, later that morning. As usual he was as good as gold, had his test, and back home.

Marcela and I then headed off for Rionegro, her Father has glaucoma, so she needs to be tested to ensure she isn’t suffering. Unfortunately the Clinician, made a hash of the test, and said there was not time to redo it, she would need to make another appointment, Marcela has an appointment with the Specialist on the 14th, she was not happy, we live 30-40 minutes away depending on traffic, after a few phone calls, she has to go on 12th, her Mother will have to go with her, as I have X-rays on my knees, and another appontment to hopefully collect my Dental plate locally, Marcela can drop me off, and I will get a taxi back to the end of the road, then walk the last kilometer, well we don’t want them getting their taxis dirty on our mucky lane!

Thursday, Pepe had his chemotherapy at 11am, again, he was great, and just lay between us in the waiting room, after which he had to be remeasured for his leg support, apparently the Company weren’t happy with our Vets measurements, Pepe decided to take the opportunity to help himself to food and water left out for the local dogs… typical!

Yesterday it was food shopping day, so we took the opportunity and went out for lunch, then today, I have been gardening, after which I washed the car, for the third time this week, our lane is a washout, and the repairs consist of dumping earth in the holes, not rubble or stone, it lasts a couple of days before being a mud bath again, with the number of lorries from local businesses, and the local Chiva/bus going up and down, thank goodness we have a 4×4.

Now it’s time to put my feet up, Marcela and her Mum are watching the World Cup, I have never had any interest in football, so I use that time for, me time!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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