I seem to have lost track on what has been happening this last week! Pepe has been an absolute Star, Tuesday he had to go for an ultrasound to see the current state of his liver, and for blood tests, prior to starting the Chemotherapy. As usual, he didn’t like being put on his back, but eventually he calmed down, and the scan showed the nodules still there, but they hadn’t grown, the blood tests on the other hand were not quite so encouraging, the readings had more than doubled, I don’t pretend to understand what these readings are, I just know they should be about 50, when this process was first diagnosed they were up to 500, with medication, they came down to 200, now they are back to 400. However the Chemo was still going ahead. After his appointment we took him home, then returned to town, for my dental appointment to have impressions taken for my Plate, and hopefully the ability to eat again over Christmas!

Wednesday, I had my own appointment with the Pain Specialist, as my previous Specialist has cut her working hours, I have been moved to another, I haven’t decided whether I like her or not, yet, give it time.

Pain at the moment is bearable, so I wasn’t expecting anything radicle, she disagreed with my Hip Specialist that you can only have a limited number of nerve blocks, this one believes two a year are fine! However I am sceptical, as I had been told previously that too many caused permanent damage to the bone, we will see, for the time being we are waiting my appointment on 20th to see if I am a suitable candidate for a partial knee replacement.

Thursday, Pepe’s big day, the first session of Chemo, the Oncologist arrived, he made it plain that this would be to slow down the cancer, due to how aggressive it is, it can’t be cured, anything that can help him, we will try, within reason.

Much to our surprise, they decided to give Pepe his treatment in the Waiting Room, so we could be with him throughout.

Pepe was brilliant, after an initial fidget, he settled down and slept throughout the 40 minute procedure.

We then took him through, for our Vet to measure him up for a leg support for his cruciate ligament problem, I wasn’t happy that this had taken so long to come about, but accepted that his cancer treatment took priority.

Pepe is starting to put a little weight back on the damaged leg, but you know when he’s had enough, his leg starts shaking, and he just wants to lie down and not move.

A little excercise is better than none, at least it stops him losing muscle tone.

Hopefully Pepe will have his brace before Christmas.

In the mean time he is on 10 tablets a day, for his cancer, which is no easy task, we have been told that if he has any adverse reaction to the treatment it will probably be between day 3 and 7, that starts tomorrow, we are just keeping our fingers crossed, he’s a strong lad, so hopefully not!

Next week he has a different chemical , and the third week rest, before starting the cycle all over again, but that is dependant on not having any reactions.

We are just making the most of the weekend, no appointments until Tuesday, the Mother-in-law has gone to stay with her other Daughter for the week-end, so it’s all tranquility…at the moment!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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