Warming up!

Maybe the weather is just teasing us, but over the last few days, it has definitely being getting warmer, yes, we are still having tropical storms, roads are collapsing, landslides destroying family houses, but at the same time the cold weather we have been having, has disappeared… for now.

I managed to get my hedges cut, they would look better if I could have access to top the other side on both sides, but at least I’m done!

I decided it was time to change our whole house water filters yesterday, the water was starting to get a tinge of colour in it.

What looks like a crack down the one filter is layers of mud, much the same as when I reported on this on previous occasions. What annoys me, is that nothing is done to upgrade the system, one day the system will collapse, and we will be without water for months, the Water company think our water is great, and the President, says we should all be thankful the Country has clean drinking water, I would love to serve him this muck, before it enters the filtration system.

This was definitely one of my better investments, the filters are expensive, but to have drinking water ontap, is worth it. Our neighbours all have to buy bottled water to drink, and only use the tap water for washing.

Tito has totally recovered from his surgery, back to being my shadow

even so, he still manages to find comfortable places to keep an eye on me!

Wednesday, I go to have my stitches out, where I had the teeth extractions, I am going to have to have a chat, a tooth that was alongside one taken out, is annoying me, I don’t know if it’s because it no longer has support, or if there is a problem, so there is the chance, I may have to have another removed, at this rate, I will be on scrabbled egg, ice cream and jelly for Christmas, because I can’t see me getting the plate before. I’m beginning to think I should take up drinking again.

I went for X-rays on my knee yesterday, ready to see the Specialist next month, we had to leave early, because the main road was shut from 8.30am for a cycling event, we had to make our way across country, thank goodness for 4×4, anyway, we arrived with plenty of time to spare, so went for lunch, and then for the appointment at 1.30pm, only to be told the Order had been incorrectly completed, and the x-rays couldn’t go ahead. I was fuming, so we went back to Marinilla, to our Health Center, and they issued an order for the x-rays two floors above, not 40 minutes to the next town! but it’s not until the week before I see the Specialist.

Work on my router wing extensioin is back on track, the frame is completed, the wing now fits on the sawtable, now it’s just the cosmetic part, I spray painted it today, and on Monday I will buy some laquer, then it will be ready to fit the router, and for that I have to find some longer screws, and here you can bet that wont be easy!

Time to put my feet up, I am in hiding at the moment, Marcela and my Mother-in-law are putting up Christmas decorations, I said I would have no part in it, until December, so they went ahead anyway!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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