Plans Changed!

As stated, I had an appointment to chat with the Dentist about having a Plate made up, as the number of spaces in my mouth are increasingly alarmingly.

I went for the appointment, the price of having dentures here, is surprisingly cheap compared with implants, so I decided to go ahead, that meant having a tooth that broke off at the gum line removed, so whilst we planned that, I asked him about two other teeth, he had recently repaired, he told me, there wasn’t much tooth in either of them, it was repair upon repair, so 90% resin. I therefore asked if those could be taken out at the same time, to which he agreed, and told me to go and make an appointment.

We (Marcela and I) were walking down the corridor, when he called us back and said he would do the extraction there and then. That certainly came as a surprise, because we had planned to take the Mother-in-law out for lunch. Ten minutes late and six stitches, I was minus three more teeth, but feeling none the worse for the ordeal, so having no time to think about it, was probably a good thing.

Not being a total Party Pooper, I then took Marcela and her Mum for lunch, and I sipped away on a fruit juice, whilst they both got stuck in to a Tomal

Yesterday, Tito had to be at the Vets for 8am, for surgery on his eye, and whilst he was under sedative, they also cleaned his teeth. Two hours later, he was ready for home, with a clean bill of health, oh well… at least that makes one of us.

Pepe has his appointment with the Oncologist on the 24th, having spoken to the Vet, I don’t hold out much hope that anything other than keeping him comfortable when the time comes will work, but I couldn’t get him to commit to that in front of Marcela. He could have had an appointment today, but I had X-rays in Rionegro, I wish we had gone ahead now, because my x-rays were cancelled due to a fault with the authorisation, I now have a new appointment next month, a day wasted.

The router, tablesaw wing, is coming on slowly, and not quite as planned, initially I chickened out of dowelling the frame to the main board, I didn’t think there was enough room, so firstly I glued the frame, and then pinned it.

My wooden clamps came in handy again, they have had some use in this project.

Unfortunately the framing had warped a bit, with it having been left between cutting to size and installation, it wasn’t serious, but it did change the process.

The frame had to be 100% level with the inner board, the only way to do that,was to sand it, consequently the idea of my back board not having to have any finish applied went out of the window, once ready, it will all be sprayed black, with a protective coat on top. I therefore decided, that I would take the risk, and on the three sides, that will be attached to the saw table, I installed dowels, nothing split, that was a relief!

Tomorrow, I am home alone until mid afternoon, so weather allowing, I will be gardening first, as you can see, our floral fence covering is getting out of control.

Time for a trim!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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