It’s been a Doggie week!

Pepe came home, and has spent most of his time sleeping, which has helped both his recovery from the surgery, and his damaged ligament, he goes out to do his bodily functions without a problem, and is eating all he can get hold of, so no change there.

On Thursday we took Pepe to have his stitches out, all fourteen of them, he was not happy, he has never liked being put on his back, the Nurse couldn’t hold him, so I ended up on my knees, holding him with his back against my stomach, he put up a struggle, but because it was me, didn’t try to bite.

Whilst we were there, Tito also had to see the Vet, he has started with a small lump on his lower eyelid, the Vet described it as a ‘mass’, which scared the living daylights out of us, because that’s how Pepe started, he said it should be removed, to avoid scratching his cornea, but first he wanted a blood test, unlike Pepe, Tito hates being manhandled, being given medication, or anything else out of the ordinary, but because he is small, he doesn’t get many options!

On Saturday evening, we had a call from one of the Vets, Tito’s bloods came back normal, thank goodness, so he is booked in to have the lump cauterised on Wednesday.

Pepe’s Path Lab results had also come back, and unfortunately that is not good news, he has an aggressive form of cancer, and they don’t know if anything can be done for him, so we are now waiting for them to book an appointment with an Oncologist, to see if chemotherapy will help, or if it’s just a case of time. Pepe himself, doesn’t appear to be effected by the cancer yet, he is more miserable, that he can’t run about, because of the ligament, although he is using that leg more at the moment, and he has the sense to wait with his head on the sofa, if he wants to get up, until we lift him. We leave a pillow on the floor under him, so if he jumps down, there is at least a bit of cushioning when he lands.

I am progressing slowly with my table saw project to create an integrated router wing, I do a bit, inbetween Vet visits, and keeping on top of the garden. The problem I have is, that I can’t afford not to concentrate 100% on this, if I make a mistake, I am going to have to start from scratch.

I had some old black laminated plywood from cutting down my Desk unit when we moved house, it’s been used for various purposes over the last two years, now it’s being put to good use, as long as I don’t make a mess of it

So I marked where I wanted the insert, cut a hole in the centre so I could cut out the centre, but then changed my mind and decided to use my router instead.

I formed a template using scrap MDF, then routed the waste, and then a ledge on which to sit the insert. So far so good!

I have now cut the frame that will surround the plywood out of some hardwood, I had in stock, this I will have to attach to the plywood and to the saw table, I thought I had it all sorted, but some last minute checks, threw up a curved ball, so it may be back to the drawing board. I was going to attach the frame with wooden dowels, and then the router wing to the saw table, by slots slipping over bolts in the saw frame, but my measurements seem to be ascew, so I may resort to glue and pins for the wood frame.

I always had an urge to fly drones, but my experiences so far, have been far from encouraging, they have either crashed, or flown off never to be seen again. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was watching a Youtube channel, where a Photographer was showing how you could make drone like footage using a 3 metre selfie stick, yes you read that right, 3 metres!, so I ordered one, now I have to practice, although one benefit I have already found, is that I can take video of my roof, to check on it’s condition, and no ladder, the highest part of the roof, I can video from our balcony. Once I have this mastered, I’ll post a sample!

I am buying as many things, useful and gadgets from Amazon now, because if our President has his way, he, if I understand it correctly, wants to ban all imports, supposedly to encourage people to buy Colombian. I buy Colombian now, but there are many things that they dont make, Colombia is reknowned for making clothes, but few make them in my size, and I am informed by a family Member that there are a number of well known Colombian clothes ‘manufacturers’ who are now importing Chinese clothes and employing staff to sew, ‘made in Colombia’ labels into them. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Tomorrow, its off to the Dentist, to talk about having a Plate made, I’ve decided against implants, at my age I think it would be a waste of money, and as more teeth drop out, the cost escalates, a Plate they can add another tooth or two. I’ll have a better idea after I’ve seen him, but at the moment, that’s the plan!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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