Pepe Update!

Pepe was in surgery for two and a half hours, they removed fifty percent of his liver which was filled with cancer, but there are still two cancerous nodules, which they can’t remove otherwise he would have no liver left, we will have to consider Chemotherapy for those, but that’s for the future, after we have the Path Lab results, to see if the cancer can be stemmed.

The stone they thought was in his bladder, turned out to be a fibrous mass on the outside, so they left well alone.

The damage to his cruciate ligament, they have decided will also need surgery, but in three weeks, once he has recovered from this surgery.

This morning we went to visit Pepe, who surprisingly was bouncing, probably something to do with his intravenous pain relief, his tail was wagging, and when he saw the bag of food, and treats, he started licking his lips, albeit the Surgery had given him some food, which he had wolfed down, he is also drinking, and passing all bodily functions, so all is good.

It is slightly different here, in small practises anyway, we were not given direct access the Pepe, so it was fingers through the bars. We didn’t stay too long, because we didn’t want to stress him, at the moment the Vet is looking at five days hospitalisation, which is the best place for him, as he has restricted movement, which would be almost impossible here.

We will visit him every day, Marcela has appointments herself for the next two days so she will visit whilst out, I will go again on Friday, and hopefully collect him Saturday.

I have said all along, that when it comes to my kids, which they are, money is immaterial, but when the cost of the surgery, path lab tests, and hospitalisation, only comes to £245, I am very glad, that I am here, and not in the UK!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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