I found another Project

The weather has been awful recently, towns and villages flooded, landslides and everything associated with heavy rain, there have been a few hours of sun, but nothing to write home about.

As a result, I decided to look for another project, I had plywood/triplex left over from the last Project, and decided to make even more storage for my Mother-in-law, there were not many options, because to say the Cabaña is cosy, is being generous, so it was down to wall storage.

My Mother-in-law has her own hobby, she makes costume jewellery, and has many containers of beads etc, which at the moment she keeps in plastic boxes under the bed. Therefore a few shelves would allow her to have those she is working with out on display, with easy access.

I decided to go with an all in one unit, rather than separate shelves, as that would have incurred the expense of buying shelf supports.

Nothing to it really, two sides, three shelves and a back board, to support the shelves I cut dados in the side pieces, they will go nowhere, as they are kept in place with glue and dowels.

I finally got to use my home made wooden clamps, they haven’t been used in a while, but proof that, there is always a need, if I hadn’t had them, I would have been struggling.

After a few coats of paint, the unit went up, completing the built ins for the Cabaña!

Maria Elena is back from her travels tomorrow, so we will see what she fills it with, she may have a completely different use for it. Her room is full of colour now, although you can’t see them, as they are being altered, she has brought some bright red curtains to front the wardrobe and dresser instead of doors, with the blue and white… not my taste, but yes, colourful!

Healthwise, my hip and knees, seem to be finally playing ball, I have had little pain, and been able to get a lot done, as well as walk the dogs, but just as one thing is rectified another comes along to fill your time.

I had two teeth repaired back in July, the face of one had sheered last year, had been repaired, but the repair came off after four hours, then another went the same way two weeks later, on the other side of my mouth, but as there was no pain, I left it, which probably wasn’t one of my best ideas, then two weeks ago, I was ill, I wont go into detail, but the pain in my stomach didnt go away, and I thought it might be an infection from the teeth, then catastrophe! another of my front teeth sheered off at the gum line, I already had a gap, from another I had removed in 2014, a gap of one, is one thing, but two!

So I went to see the Dentist, she sent me for X-rays of my whole mouth, and gave me an appointment to see the Dentist who had done the repairs, for him to correct his own work.

When I saw the Dentist, he said the X-rays showed no infection, and he again repaired the two teeth he had worked on, at that time, I said I was considering implants, and was given an appointment for the end of November for an evaluation, however they also gave me an approximate price for the implants, which was nearly a months pension.

I went home, thought about it, and decided it maybe wasn’t one of my better ideas, in addition to the double space, the two repaired teeth are going to come out at some point, that’s another months pension, and with my luck how many more? I have therefore decided to yet again try a Plate, I had one years ago, for the other missing front tooth, as well as two well out of sight, but could never get used to it, and it stayed in a drawer, I’m going to have to try again. I have an appointment for the middle of next month, and the Dentist will then decide if the broken tooth has to come out, or as it has no nerve (that was taken out years ago) it can be left, and the plate sit on top.

It’s all exciting here !

As I said earlier, I have been able to get around more, so yesterday, I gingerly made my down to the bottom of our land, to ensure all is well, it’s certainly still there, but needs some work, weather allowing, I’ll go later this week, on the way back up, I decided to physically count the number of Avocado trees we have, we had always been of the impression it was 50, it turns out we have 46, not far off, there probably were 50 originally, but a couple had to come down, due to work erecting the security fence, and one to make way for a fire pit. The trees are all laiden with fruit, I think provided the weather lets them grow to maturity, Marcela is going to have a good crop.

This morning we took the armchair I bought in January to an Upholsterer, the chair was fine after I had my new hip, but over the months, we have both realised that it is far from comfortable, it was like sitting on a pile of bricks.

Whilst we we at the workshop this morning, he stripped the bottom off, and found that it had been constructed on an 1 1/4″ fibreboard base, no webbing or springs, so he is going to change all that, also the foam for the cushion, hopefully it will be a chair I don’t want to get out of, instead of one I don’t want to sit in.

If this work is satisfactory, we have said we will then take the old Recliner to him, as the seat has more or less collapsed, and the arms wave in the wind ha! ha! That chair is about ten years old, and has been really comfortable, although I am no longer allowed to use Recliners due to my hip, Marcela could make good use of it, but at the moment its been claimed by the dogs!

Time now to stop making excuses to myself, and go do some work…

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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