Twiddling Thumbs!

The car came back looking almost like new, painted and polished

Now we just have to take it to have a couple of the window tints replaced, they have started spotting, again due to heat from the sun, also I have to have the chrome wing mirrors recovered, with a black rubberised film, the existing film has been damaged, when passing other vehicles on the lane outside, as we pull into the side catching it on the hedgerow, no big deal, but just to complete the look.

This week, I have finished the furniture for my Mother-in-law in the cabaña / apartment, it all came together to easily, I started by painting all the parts, as always happens I just finished painting and it started drizzling with rain, so I had to quickly move them all under cover.

Where they stayed for twenty four hours, to ensure it was totally dry. Most parts have four coats of paint. I sprayed all the parts with white emulsion, giving them two coats, as undercoat, then handpainted all the parts that will receive some wear, with a white oil based satin paint, finally hand painting the tops, shelves and trim with a pale blue chalk paint.

Yesterday, Marcela and the Mother-in-law were out for medical appointments, so I got stuck in, and finished building the furniture

Because of the confined space, and it being built-in furniture, this had to be done one piece at a time, starting from the floor up, adjusting bits as required.

However without interruptions, I had it finished before lunch, I was pleased with the outcome, fortunately the Mother-in-law is over the moon with it. It looks like a solid wood construction, having taken the time to cover all the visible edges with wood filler, and sand it down before painting, you would never know it was made out of plywood / triplex. 

Even though the construction was hampered a little by walls that were out of true, I was able to get a reasonable fit, I thought of going round with silicon, but, if they ever have to be disassembled for any reason, silicon, would just cause another headache.

Today, our first port of call was the Vets,  it turns out that Pepe our Schnauzer who is nine and a half, has kidney problems and liver disease, he has had a couple of blood tests, his reading should be a maximum of 86, the first was over 500, and after his first session of medication it came down to 420, but the Vet wants it below 300, so as of today, he is on different medication for another two weeks, and then another test.

The problem we have with Pepe, is that he loves food, he must take after me, he will eat just about anything, and loves fruit, so he will help himself to mandarines of the trees, and if we dont find them first, he will eat fallen avocados, thank goodness he doesn’t have access to the orchard, but even so, with four avocados in the garden area, it’s hard to stop him, also if we are eating fruit in the house, he loves it, bananas, papaya, mango, all that has to stop, he will wonder what has happened.

Now I am wondering how to fill my time, no projects, but plenty of gardening, it looks like I will be getting plenty of fresh air!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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