Without having the car, and with no appointments, for me, I have had a relaxing week. The Mother-in-law had a couple of appointments in town, the first she went with Marcela, the second on her own, using our local bus or chiva:


They are quite colourful, but open to the elements and damned cold, as well as being awkward to mount, due to their height off the ground, but they are ideal out here in the countryside where there are no paved roads!

I have been continuing work on the built-in furniture for the Cabaña, the wardrobe is now finished.

I painted it white with a pale blue chalk paint trim and top to add a subtle bit of colour, no doors, we have learned from experience in the house, that with the climate here, doors are a no no, they cause condensation and mold, so I have put a curtain wire across the top, and when the Mother-in-law finds a curtain she likes it will be installed.

Now for the dressing table and shelving, this is slightly more difficult because although the wardrobe is square to the back wall, the same can’t be said to the wall side of the dressing table, so I am having to build this in situ, that is slowing things up a little, because I obviously have to give the Mother-in-law her privacy. Each piece has to be cut to fit like the table top here.

The same goes for each shelf and the trim, however all the parts are now cut, filled and sanded.

I was going to start painting today, but although the day started off with brilliant sunshine, the clouds have arrived, along with high winds, so spray painting is off the agenda, hopefully tomorrow.

In addition to woodwork, I have been able to catch up on some of the gardening, cutting hedges, grass, and having garden fires, so it’s been quite a productive week.

This afternoon we should be getting the car back, they rang last night to confirm that is will be ready, and they will deliver, however they told Marcela they will bring it to the end of the lane, a kilometer away, and we can meet them there, why? I have no idea, but if it’s raining they can come here if they want their money.

Time for coffee and biccys, so I will wrap it up for today!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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