Life seems to be returning to some form of normality, whatever that might be!

I have been for my latest Orthopaedic check-up on my knees, and Dr Sanchez was more than happy with the result, he told me that if things change to make an appointment to see him in 6 or 12 months, he appreciated that I accept the Blocks are a temporary aid to getting on with life, and the fact, I use a knee support to supplement that is a sensible one.

I have also been for my annual Opthalmic appointment, and everything was fine, the Doc didn’t think I needed to go to the Optician this year, as my eyesight was fine with my current glasses.

Now I have no appointments, at the moment, until the end of the month, when I have to go to Medellin for my hip revision, that I should have had in August.

I was slightly annoyed, a few weeks ago Marcela’s business associate, told us that a number of the wooden posts holding the barbed wire, between us and the neighbour had rotted and needed replacing, he stated seven posts, I was surprised at this news, as I had replaced all the rotted posts only 18 months ago, but there was nothing to suggest he would say anything that wasn’t correct, so I went and bought ten eucalyptus posts, so I had some spare.

Juaquin came and replaced the posts, as it turned out, only four, so I have more than enough spares, but then last week, I happened to go down the orchard, and was left fuming!

Juaquin had replaced the posts, yes…

However this side of the orchard, the fence is not mine, it is the neighbours, my responsibilty is the other side, I was not happy, both Marcela and he suggested we approach the other neighbour and ask him to pay, but I can’t bothered with the hassle, for the cost involved it’s not worth it.

I have been getting on with the Mother-in-laws furniture, the main wardrobe is now finished, I spray painted the carcass

It made the job a lot easier, then to add a touch of colour, I have hand painted the top, the shelves, and trim with chalk paint in pale blue. Today hopefully I will be installing this in the cabaña / apartment, I can then take the final measurement for the table section, which will fit alongside, I have most of the parts ready, I just need to make the final cuts to the top and rails, so it looks like fitted furniture.

I am not making doors, after the problems with condensation and mold in the house, I will put up curtain wires, and the Mother-in-law can buy, or make some curtains, or not, as she wishes, that way there will be no such problems.

We have been talking for a while about looking after our car, it’s a 2008 Toyota Prado, I have it serviced mechanically on a regular basis.

But the paintwork has been suffering with the sun, and the bonnet, and roof were showing the damage, as cars here have nearly doubled in value over the last two years due to Covid, and the lack of availability of new cars, we have to look after our investment, so last week we took the car to a local business Premier Car in Marinilla

Not our Car – Stock Photo

They gave us an excellent quote, and Monday the car went to them, to have the bonnet, roof and bumpers resprayed, the rest of the car, they said they could polish to a Showroom finish, which would save the pesos! Hopefully we get the car back on Friday! Knowing that it is our baby, they are sending us photos of the work as it progresses.

Then we just need to take the car to another business, that installs the tinted window film, as those on the drivers side are showing the effects of sun, also we want the chrome wing mirrors recovered, as living in the countryside, having to pull alongside hedges when we meet other vehicles, the existing covering is ripping off. I’ll show you the finished product… if I remember!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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