Well after having given me a heart attack, I have now paid my Income Tax for this year. Firstly the Accountant gave me a bill for $6.2 million pesos, that’s two thirds of my monthly pension, then she explained that my previous Accountant, had wrongly classed me as a salaried worker, who is entitled to claim expenses for house renovations and a number of other expenses, this Accountant reclassed me as a Pensioner, who is not allowed to claim anything, hence the higher bill.

I explained that the previous Accountant had spoken with the Tax Authority DIAN, who told her that they do not recognise foreign pensions as Pensions but as foreign income, I have therefore had it so classified, and my bill came down to 940K… It does make you wonder why Pensioners are penalised in this country. Considering I have already paid Tax on my pension back in the UK, I have no wish to give it all away. I have been informed by another Brit on a Colombian Forum, that the Double Tax Agreement between Colombia and the UK, came into force last year, so at least I wont have to worry about DIAN changing it’s mind about deducting Tax already paid, before it arrives here.

The Plywood furniture for my Mother-in-law is still in it’s early stages, we have had medical appointments most days, so other than one sheet that has been cut to size, the rest is still waiting, hopefully I will get to it soon… hopefully!

The string led lights arrived for the balcony, so I have wired up a separate socket and switch into the ceiling of the balcony, now we just have to hope I don’t electrocute anyone ha! ha!

I decided that now was time to do another mini project, I had two wheelbarrows, but because the land is so steep, I wasn’t keen on using them, as, loaded with any weight, it would try and get away from you, and then tip over. One of my barrows had come to the end of it’s useful life, the bottom having rotted out, so I decided to upgrade the newer of the two.

I took the wheels off both, I bought a short length of steel plumbing pipe, cut it to size, then with some pipe brackets fixed it to the barrow, put threaded rod through it, and attached the two wheels, either side of the original wheel support.

Now I have a stable and useful garden cart, that anyone can use without worrying about where it will go next!

After buying the parts, the conversion only took me 30 minutes, something which is very unusual for me!

Three months since I changed the Water Filters on the house system, and the water was starting to show a yellowing colour, earth in the water, so it was time for a change again

You wouldn’t believe they were all white when they were installed, and President Petro has been going on about all households having drinkable/potable water as a matter of course, that would be nice, but I can’t see it happening any time soon.

Tomorrow, we are off again, this time, my Mother-in-law has a medical appointment in La Ceja, which is about 45 minutes away, so another day written off, and another lunch out… oh dear, what a shame 🙂

Today, a sad day for many, and a celebration of a Life, the Funeral of my Queen, Elizabeth II, someone I had the honour and privilege to serve for thirty years

I was up at 4.30am ready to watch on TV, there are times when the time difference is a pain in the backside, but it was a beautiful Event, perfectly executed, well done to all those involved. Now we see how King Charles III matches up to his Mother.

OK, that’s me done for today, me thinks it’s time for a short siesta!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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