Catch up!

Time marches on, and to be honest there is not a lot to report, I have been busy, but with mundane domestic tasks, cutting grass and hedges, lopping down, and pruning trees, alongside a bit of woodwork.

Both our boys are getting on, Pepe because of his breed, and infirmities, Tito just because he will have bursts of energy, then lie about for days, which is not him, to be honest we don’t know enough about his background to make any predictions. However I know that when the day comes, I will be in bits, and have to be prepared, so decided that now was the time.

Wooden Cross

I have made 75% of what is required for both, and 100% for one, by that I mean I have one upright with their year of birth, the year of passing can be added, and two crossmembers with their names, these have been burnt, and varnished, then put away on the back of the top shelf in the workshop, hopefully not to be needed for years. We know where they will be buried, in the Orchard, with a view up and down the valley, I suggested to Marcela that there should be a space left between them, to put the casket with my ashes, I don’t see why they shouldn’t share the best view with Dad! but that didn’t go down very well.

I bought my materials for my next project the other day…

Two sheets of 1/2″ and two sheets of 3/4″ plywood/triplex, with this, I will hopefully make a wardrobe and dressing table with shelving for my Mother-in-law in the Cabaña. I had the Supplier cut the sheets in half to save me taking the trailer to collect it, now I have to cut to size, and will start that today or tomorrow.

I was going to start it yesterday, but whilst doing routine maintenance on our electric Entrance Gate, discovered that one of the top rollers was within a twist of falling off, it had unscrewed itself, that left me with a major problem, because I don’t have a half inch allen key, or a very thin 1″ spanner, both which are needed to complete the job, I tried grinding down a piece of metal bar, but that was an abject failure, in the end, I sacrificed a 1/2″ chisel to poke into the allen key hole, I was able to wind it up, but still need a fine 1″ spanner to tighten it enough that it wont unscrew again for a while, those in my collection are too thick to fit in the space available, the only other option is to lift the gate off altogether to get access, but that will be a last resort. What should, if I had had the right tools, have taken ten minutes, took over two hours, so I was not happy.

Joaquin, Marcela´s business partner, informed us the other day, that there are seven posts down, that support the barbed wire, towards the bottom of the orchard, I found that rather surprising, as I had only replaced them two years ago, or maybe a bit less, but I do trust the man in this respect, so took the trailer yesterday and bought some new posts in eucalyptus, which are supposed to be long lasting. Joachin has said he will replace them, at what cost we don’t yet know, but I certainly cant do the job any more. However I have the tar preservative, reclaimed staples, and so it’s now over to him.

At the moment I am waiting on a phone call, my new Accountant is preparing my Tax Bill, she rang yesterday, to say it will be ready today, she had no idea how my former Accountant managed to keep my bill so low, albeit, there is nothing to suggest that she did anything untoward, as she was an highly respected Professional, just sad that she had to die on me.

I have been warned that this year my bill will be considerably higher, so I’m not looking forward to it, and can only hope that as this Accountant learns more about Foreign income, that she to, will be able to lower the bill, but from what she said, this year, I am going to have to bite the bullet.

We are preparing to be hit by a variety of changes by Mr. Petro’s Government, I am still reserving my opinion on those changes, until I know how we will be effected, but moving Country hasn’t been ruled out, in the long term.

Apparently a range of things we have been able to claim against our Income Tax are being removed to increase Government Revenue.

We are told that as from next month, Fuel subsidies are being removed, and that over a period of time, as yet, we don’t know how long, the price of fuel will double, frightening, when I compare that with prices back in the UK, it would still be 50% cheaper, but for the people here, that is unaffordable, so we may well see a reaction to that, with transport costs going up, so will every item that is purchased, so much for Petro saying he wanted to help the poor, I think he must have choked half way through his sentence, he really meant that he wanted to help the poor…Politicians fleece the public even more.

On the subject of Energy, the President has said that the Energy Pricing Watchdog is being sacked, and will be handled by the Government, that doesn’t bode well, but since he says he is concerned at the steep rise in Electric and Gas prices, we will see if there is any benefit, or whether it’s yet another excuse to top up his holiday fund.

With regard to the Health Service, they are now saying that they will, subject to Congressional approval, disband the EPS, who are an intermediary, and cost a lot of cash that is not being used for Health, the IPS who provide the actual service, wont get the money either, the President’s idea is to give the funds to the Mayors, and each Municipio will decide how it is spent, that seems contradictory, as he is disbanding one Intermediary for another, and Marcela informs me that this was the very system 20 years ago, and the reason for the formation of EPS in the first place, because of Municipal corruption. It looks as if the Health Service is about to disappear.

The other contraversial change, which wont effect me but will effect Marcela, is the suggestion that the President wants to help those that have the minimum pension, such as my Father-in-law, they never contributed to any pension, private or State, with the possible exception of the few years when they undertook conscription, so they might receive only $80,000 pesos a month, he wants to make that $500,000 pm, by robbing Company pension funds, and using that money. Theft is exactly what it is, because Employees worked for that pension, and now he wants to give it to those, most of whom never paid a peso into the Health system, never paid taxes, whatever they earnt on the black, they kept, which seems grossly unfair.

There are many other changes in the pipeline, we will see if they are implemented, and what effect they have on our lives.However for now…back to work!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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