I’m a Guinea Pig!

You might think I have gone nuts… You might be right, more later!

The problem with our internet has been resolved, the problem wasn’t with the Provider it was with my cellphone, for years now I have been a Xiaomi supporter, and between Marcela and myself, I think we have had every model of Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro until version 10, that was what was causing all the problems, I had problems with version 9, therefore bought 10, neither lasted a year, it was becoming costly, so no more. I still rightly or wrongly believe in Xiaomi, but I’m not buying anymore Redmi Notes, Marcela’s last phone was a POCO X3 Pro, so I bought the X4 Pro, so far so good!

I have also had to upgrade our Mesh Internet system, the old one, which we had only had about four months was 2.4G this system runs on 5G, so now I have installed a TP-Link Deco system, and the coverage is great.

Telephones is another upgrade, the internet package includes landline telephone, something we haven’t had since coming here, I bought the phones from Amazon, and they arrived Friday, and now they are up and running, we are beginning to feel human again…almost!

I had a dental appointment late July, to repair two broken teeth, one broke in November 2021, and they repaired it, only for the repair to drop off in January 2022, but as there was no pain, I decided to run with it, then at some point whilst we were on holiday another fractured on the other side of my mouth, again no pain, however decided to have it checked out.

The Dentist was formal, but efficient, and repaired both, however four hours later, despite having had soup for lunch, one of the repairs was in my hand!

I can’t be bothered going back, but I might go to another dentist and get a private quote, I cant afford to lose many more, otherwise I’ll be living on soup and scrambled eggs

I returned to the Internista to see if he had any more ideas, regarding the pain between my shoulder blades, the x-rays came up a blank. He has now referred me to an Orthopaedic Trauma Specialist , a Physiatrist, and for blood tests, I am now waiting to see if the Health Care Provider will pay for all the appointments, and issue the orders, it seems a bit overkill to me, but I cant fault him for covering all bases.

Then finally on the Medical field, I went for the Nerve Block in my gluteal hip muscles last week, having asked for another Surgeon, as I wasn’t letting the other anywhere near me, and this one was lovely, I was given the option to be put out, but declined, and then wished I had, but the pain was only for microseconds at a time, as she injected in four locations, without removing the needle, it was worth the pain, because three days later, and I am virtually Pain free for the first time in years, long may it last, and I know its only a temporary fix, so I will just keep my fingers crossed.

This morning, I started by trimming the hedge, and then had my first garden fire in more than a year, the previous neighbours were Townies, and moaned like hell every time I had a fire, not my fault, the owner built the house about thirty feet from my fire pit, I certainly wasn’t moving it, but said I would have fires when they were out, the trouble with that idea was, that when it was sunny and dry, they sat out, and when it rained, they went out! I was gaining a number of garden rubbish piles waiting for the flames, and today was that day, the new Renter, lives in Medellin, she only comes when she wants to roll in the hay with whoever, then disappears again, she’s no spring chicken, and no looker, so good luck to her!

Whilst the fire was smouldering away, I worked on cleaning out the drainage ditch from our grey water tank, to the trees down the slope, I’ve probably cleaned about half, and weather allowing, will get the rest done this week.

At least now, everyone can see the ditch again, so not fall and break an ankle!

This week, sees the return of my Mother in law, Maria Elena, she has been back at the house in Bello, selling off all the furniture, ready for her permanent move here on Thursday, and the Renters will then move in to our house there, we’ve put the business in Marcela’s name, she then has her independence, without having to worry, as an Agency have all the headaches, which hopefully wont be many, as the family were already known to Marcela and her Mother. Last week, I did some painting and titivating in the apartment / cabaña, ready for her return, now I just have one more project in the cabaña, and that is to build a custom wardrobe / dressing table unit, I will be starting on that soon.

We heard from the Carpenter last week, and the balcony doors are nearing completion, or so he says, therefore Marcela had a word with Pacho, who repaired our roof, and he will organise a date as soon as the doors are ready, I might finally be able to use the balcony soon, without having to climb ladders from the outside! albeit, the wood floor still has to be varnished, but I don’t want to do that, whilst there is a chance of it being damaged, during the door installation.

Our new President Elect Gustavo Petro, takes Office tomorrow, we wait to see what he has in store, he announced some of his Ministers, the first ones were non contraversial, but his latest offering has people worried, Communists and Marxists, like himself, it has come as no surprise, but they are an unknown quantity, so we wait to see what they are going to lumber us with.

Petro himself didn’t get off to a good start, he organised a meeting with 800 of the Countries Mayors last week, for early morning in Bogota, he failed to turn up, after the outpouring of anger, he re-arranged it for the afternoon, again failing to turn up it was reported he was ill. The following day, he was filmed and photographed in a beautiful location of Colombia looking the picture of health, having been flown there in Police helicopter, wearing the Presidential Sash, which is isn’t entitled to wear until tomorrow…arrogance and disrespect, springs to mind!

That brings me back up to date, and unless I suddenly have another string of medical appointments.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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