Where do we go from here?

One piece of good news, the car went for it’s Revision Tecnico (MOT) and passed without a problem, I’m sure having had the service a few days before, and a set of new tyres a couple of months ago helped, if you see the state of some of the cars leaving with a pass, it does make you wonder!

The Presidential Elections are over

Unfortunately our preferred Candidate didn’t win, but not for the want of trying, now we have to see what a Marxist, former Terrorist brings to the Country, the fact that he won by such a small margin, may hopefully cause him to think twice before bringing in some of his more radical ideas, I know that Marcela is more worried than I am, but it pays to be sensible, and as a precaution, I am looking at options to set up an off-shore Bank Account, not to avoid any obligations, I will still declare any money there, but it would give us a buffer if the worst came to the worst, and we had to move.

Marcela’s Mum moved here just over a week ago, and other than the expected differences, that will be sorted in a month or two, things are going well, no one can expect people to just slot in immediately, we will all have to make some adjustments, I don’t see that being a problem, whether it will for the others, is something they will have to decide.

We still haven’t resolved anything with Jaime, he keeps promising to pay, but nothing transpires, I think we have reconciled ourselves to not receiving a peso, as a result he leaves us with no option but to start legal proceedings, we have been told, that once started they can’t be stopped, and if found in our favour, he risks the possibility of between two and three years in prison, which is sad, when we have given him so many opportunities to sort this out. Likewise, we have told his wife, that I can no longer send packages to their house, because once proceedings are started, there is no guaratee my packages wont go missing, it is a shame, because it did give her some pocket money, as I paid per package.

Our neighbour has family living in town, which is nearer, and they were prepared to accept any packets without payment, not that I am sure they had a clue how many I have. However since then, we have found that the worst Postal Service I have ever come across, has an Office in town, and having spoken with the Girl running it, for a small fee, they will provide a PO Box, and accept parcels of any size, from any Courier, so we are going to give them a whirl, and see what happens.

As a result of the problems with Jaime, I made the decision that we couldn’t keep putting of finishing the balcony, therefore we have been in touch with Pacho who did the roof repair, and he says he will install the doors for us, which will mean removing a window, and cutting the window opening down to the floor. Likewise we have been in touch with Juan the Carpinter who made the house doors and the kitchen units, he has been out, we changed the design, to cut costs, and we are awaiting a quotation

Medical appointments have ground to a halt, not because everything is fine, but because despite Marcela phoning daily, we are told there are no appointments, for my hip, or for my skin cancer, we were lucky to be able to get an orthopaedic appointment for my knees next week, just for the new Specialist to review the x-rays, other than that, everything is on hold. We don’t know why, it could be holidays, or maybe with the threat of disbanding the Health Service when the new President takes Office in August, many are leaving, going into Private Practise, or moving to another country for a better life, who can blame them, but it doesn’t help me.

We keep an eye on the weather back in the UK, and recently, it has been far better than here, where it feels more like winter, has the climate changed permanently? who knows, but except for two or three hours sun a day, we are shrivelling up in the rain! On that note, I’ve been called for lunch, so bye for now.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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