No Gain without Pain

I think I am probably radioactive, I’ve had so many X-rays recently, the Radiologist started putting protective coverings on me, she said she was concerned for my health, having recently also had X-rays on my hip! I’ve now had the X-rays on my spine for the Internista, which I don’t think found anything untoward, and also on my knees for the Orthopaedic Specialist, from the report on the latter, I think they were looking at my knees for the problem with my spine, however we’ll wait and see what the respective Specialists have to say.

After the X-rays we went on shopping, and it was time to treat Pepe to a new bed, as Tito has pinched Pepe’s last bed, having pulled his own to bits, because of his hip problem I decided that soft and fluffy was the way to go.

Pepe loves it, so does Tito, but this time, I have made sure Pepe’s bed does not go under ours, and when Tito moves in, I move him out, we are now at the stage, that I don’t have to say a word, I just give Tito the evil eye, and he slinks off to his own bed!

Today, I am taking things easy, because I have spent two days chopping down and thinning out the Platano (cooking bananas) and banana plants, and to put it bluntly, I’m knackered!

They are not classed as trees, because the trunks are not wood, they are fibrous, and full of water, however that water is very sticky, and not my favourite plant to work with.

Because of the liquid the trunks are very heavy, and although they are easy enough to chop down, you have to watch they don’t fall on you. I was lucky this time, I didn’t slice myself open with the machete, which happened last time, when it slipped out of my hand.

I have been doing some research into looking after these plants, because honestly I knew nothing. Once cut down I then had to chop the trunks up into slices and cut the leaves so they were shredded, then pile them around the remaining Plants, and other fruit trees, because there is so much goodness in them, it should not be wasted.

As you can see in the left small photo above, I still have a number of trunks to slice up, but they can wait until next week, and I will continue down towards the Abyss, I have probably finished caring for 50% of the total crop. Now maybe the fruit will all grow fully without the rest of the plants taking the goodness.

This morning I washed the car, because tomorrow, it has to go for it’s Revision Tecnico (MOT), it’s actually due next month, but as we are on holiday then, I want to get it done, we had the car serviced last week, so hopefully it will pass without any problem. We have now worked out that if Marcela takes the car, they are less likely to find anything wrong compared to a Foreigner walking into the Testing Station!

We have been warned by Neighbours, that there are Criminals working this area, apparently they were disturbed in a Finca about 500m from us, last week-end. Fortunately the Occupants were home, saying that, they were lucky the thieves ran, and were not armed.
We are as safe as we can be with the razor wire all around the property, security cameras, and the alarm system. Whilst we are away next month, we have family staying with the Mother-in-law, so we have taken every precaution.

I have talked in the past about, being an Expat, and being prepared for fluctuations in the exchange rate, well it has hit, and hopefully my preparations for such an eventuality will protect us. Last month my income dropped 10%, and as of today, with the inflation problems in the UK, combined with the dollar to peso conversion problem with the Colombian Presidential Election this Sunday, my income if I were to transfer today, would have dropped another 10%, a total of 20% in two to three months is a big difference in income, fortunately I budgeted for this during the good times, it just depends how long this will go on. Being an Expat isn’t all roses!

Work on the balcony should restart after we return from holiday, Marcela has spoken with Pacho, who repaired our roof, and he will do the installation of the door, she has also spoken with the Carpenter, and he is coming Saturday, to measure up, as we have changed the design and size of the door. No we still haven’t had any cash from Jaime, he is working away this week, but has promised a payment on Friday, we are not holding our breath, it’s his last chance, before we go to start prceedings. However I decided we can’t leave this half finished indefinitely, there is no point in having a balcony we cant access without ladders! So money or not, we are going to have to bite the bullet and get the job done.

That I think brings me up to date, so take care, and catch up with you soon.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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