On Friday we went over to El Santuario to pick up some parcels from Miriam, as we walked into the road, who should be there chatting with a group of men but Jaime, who came over and greeted us as if we were long lost Buddies. Marcela made it plain we were far from that, and asked him if he was paying up this weekend, he assured us that he was, and Marcela asked him to leave the money with his Wife, and we would collect it with the next parcel collection, he said he would. As of last night, no money has been left for us!

If Jaime doesn’t come up with the good by tonight, we are starting the legal process of declaring him a thief, it’s a big step to take, especially as we looked on him as a friend, but he has left us no option, he obviously thinks we will just forget it, he doesn’t know us as well as he thinks he does. However it will mean saying goodbye to our cash, because even if we got it, it would be years down the line. Saying that, I think, I had already accepted we were not going to see the money again.

On the medical side, I went for the Tomography, and was told I could access the results this Tuesday online, out of curiosity I checked today, and they were there, the report states they could find nothing abnormal, which is great, but doesn’t explain my vertigo, the X-rays on my spine are tomorrow, then I’ll have a better idea if the pain between my shoulder blades is indeed muscular, if it is, I will have to look for a private Therapist for some massage treatment.

Yesterday, we went over to Bello, collected Maria Elena, my Mother-in-law. and settled her into the Cabaña/apartment, which is now her permanent home, we still have to sort out the house, and have a bit of work done on it, then it will be put into the hands of a Rental Agency, we have already had several approaches to rent the house, but I am determined, that I am not having anything to do with maintaining it, as Marcela does not want to sell, then an Agency is the only other option. Now we have to start the process to get it ready, such as opening a dedicated Bank Account, changing the Public Service bills into Marcela´s name, and a few other things, hopefully we can get that out of the way this week, and the house should be ready for August.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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