More Delays

Marcela contacted our Carpenter at the week-end, because we were told that the Balcony doors would be ready, however it turns out that he hasn’t even bought the materials, because Jaime didn’t pay him the deposit, which came as no surprise, considering the fairytales we have been told so far.

Everything is now on hold, until we get a refund from Jaime, of all outstanding monies, I have been in contact with him, he was not responding to any of Marcela’s messages, until I threatened to go and denounce him to the Authorities, now he has said he will have the money for next week.

It was all so unnecessary, if only he had done the work he agreed to, such a shame, because he WAS a good friend, and a hard worker, now we will have to put our trust in others. Will we be able to use the balcony before Summer is over, I somehow doubt it, but it will get done, one day!

Last Tuesday, I went for my second Vertigo appointment, with the exercises Yessika had given me, I have had no further episodes, so she has ‘discharged’ and I just hope it stays that way, obviously taking quick action, saved me from it developing like last year.

Yesterday, I got stuck in gardening, I started on cutting the flowering plants on the security fencing, but rain stopped play, I wont entertain climbing ladders in the wet, but then it stopped, so I decided to move on to pruning all the trees in the upper garden, and I mean all

The three avocado trees we have at the bottom of the garden, were so high, I had to use the ladder and my battery powered chain saw, but I got them all done, then after lunch, Marcela helped me take all the trimmings down to the fire in the orchard, I will burn them, when they have dried out a bit. I had to stop after a while, I think I was probably dehydrated, I felt faint and had to sit and rest… either that, or I’m just getting too old for this lark! To be honest, I am just not used to so much manual labour, I should have done it bit by bit. However it’s looking much better now.

Yesterday morning, the Engineers from Tigo arrived to install the 200Mb internet and landline phone line, but after a while discovered that the line outside the house is still dead,  and we were allocated to another box, they had no idea where it was, but not close to us, having told us that it could be another six weeks before we get this service, they left, without the installation. Very disappointing, for now we continue with 6Mb, such a difference!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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