Getting there!

It’s been a hectic week, last Monday, Marcela was able to get me a private appointment with the Vertigo Therapist I saw last year, for the following day, and also because there seem to be no appointments to see the Family Doctor, we by-passed him, and managed to get an appointment to see an Internist, that will be next Saturday, hopefully he can establish what is causing the pain between my shoulder blades, and if there is a connection between that and the vertigo. Later on it was confirmed that Pacho, Jorges brother, would be coming Tuesday, to refelt our roof, fortunately we already had the materials.

Tuesday came, and so did Pacho, along with a Labourer, and they wasted no time starting to strip the roof.

I left Marcela to supervise, and I went off for my vertigo appointment. In one way, that was disappointing, because try as she might, Yessika, could not induce the vertigo, on the other hand maybe it was a good sign, any way she gave me a series of exercises, and sent me on my way, with an appointment to return in a weeks time, which she said, if the exercises work, may be the last I need.

Back home, I was not amused to find that they were stripping the whole roof on day one, instead of doing it in three sections, as we had thought, they knew as well as we did, that every afternoon the rain arrived, and it rained most of the night, but he assured me that the old felt was watertight, we already knew it wasn’t!

Thankfully, I woke at 3am, as the storm arrived, and started checking the house, only to find rain coming in, in the kitchen, and in the guest bedroom, above the bunkbed, if I hadn’t got up, the mattress would have been soaked. As it was I had to wake Marcela to help place plastic bags and towells. We couldn’t get out to retrieve the buckets, because with no tiles, the rain was falling between the roof and the gutter, like a waterfall, we were trapped!

By morning the rain had stopped, and when Pacho arrived, looking somewhat sheepish, I let it be known, that I wasn’t happy.

The work took a while longer that anticipated, in the end it took four full days, and I had to go and buy more roofing tiles, which I knew would happen, as I had said I wanted all damaged tiles replaced, thank goodness we have the Toyota Prado, I was able to load them all in the back, it probably didn’t do much for the suspension, but it’s a good workhorse.

Hopefully, now we have a fully waterproof roof, and our worries are in the past. I’ve seen all the felt in situ, so know it is in complete strips and not patchwork. The end product was good workmanship, just a shame about the first glitch.

Yesterday, we spent cleaning, mopping, and moving everything to ensure dropped cement, cement dust and anything else was cleaned up, so nothing was damaged.

Today, is a glorious day, it almost feels like summer, I’m not counting my chickens, just yet!

I decided that I wanted to cut the grass, it’s the first time I have been able to do the work myself, since before my surgery in January, and it felt good. I am starting to get control over my own life again!

I think that just about brings me up to date, and since I’ve been called for lunch, that seems as good a place as any to call it a day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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