Phase one completed!

Monday came, after another message from the Clinic, we were up at 3am, arriving at 5.15am for a 6.30 start.

It’s certainly a different process to what I was used to in the UK, you are not assigned a room until after your surgery, I presume in case you don’t make it, and they end up cleaning the room unnecessarily!

We waited in the waiting room until called to a changing room, where I had to strip off, Marcela took my clothes, given an operating gown, and I was taken through another door onto a mobile bed, then wheeled away to the operating queue. Like in all Clinics, it was freezing, so they gave me an extra blanket.

I was then taken to the operating theatre, which although clean, was not as sterile as those in the UK.

I was transferred onto the operating table, where I received the anaesthetic in my spinal column. A team of ten entered, and I was picked up like a baby, placed in the position required, screened from the surgery site, and they got going. It was like listening to work on a construction site, as they drilled, hammered and chiselled. Eventually it was done, and I was taken to Recovery.

Slowly, I regained movement first in my toes, then, slowly throughout my body, after which I was taken up to my room No. 720, where Marcela was waiting, she has been sent there about 15 minutes earlier.

I’m no good at Selfies, I guarantee that is my thumb!

The room was more than adequate, there was obviously my bed, a large sofa for Marcela, and with the sleeping bag we had taken, she said it was fine

There was also an ensuite bathroom, and a flat screen TV, fortunately we had our smart phones, as someone had swiped the TV remote!

The food was great for hospital food, we weren’t sure that food would be provided, so Marcela had nipped out and bought some, but even though they insist on a Carer or Family member with every patient 24/7, they don’t even give the Carer a cup of tea, so we shared what we had, and it was fine, each patient was given three courses at each meal, so there was plenty to go around.

By late afternoon, my smile had disappeared, along with most of the drugs in my body, the operated leg, I couldn’t move, and the pain level was climbing rapidly, so they started plying me with intravenous pain killers.

I dont think either of us got much sleep that night, early the next day the Surgeon arrived, she said she had viewed the X-rays taken when I was in recovery, and she was happy with the result, the Physio would be by later to give me the exercises, then I would receive my discharge papers, and prescription for Meds.

As promised the Physio arrived, by which time I had had a shower and dressed, ready for the Ambulance.

After which, I was discharged, when the Ambulance arrived, I was loaded up, they waited for Marcela to get the car from the car park, then I had the most horrendous journey home, honestly I would have been better in the car! I was thrown all over the place, which increased the pain in my hip, and I felt more than a little nauseas.

Back home, we got organised, or rather, I did as I was told, and Marcela gave the orders, with the assistance of her Mother.

I say that in the nicest way, because I know I couldn’t manage without her, I have just made sure, I have done more than the quota of exercises, and keep getting up to walk around. Marcela has been an absolute Angel.

Now it’s a case of just keep repeating the exercise regime, until I see the Surgeon again on February 4th. The only deviation, is that we have decided not to use the provided Physiotherapy provided by the Health Provider, I have not had good experiences with them in the past, I am going to pay one of the Clinic Physios for private treatment, some at the house, others by video calls.

Unless something extraordinary happens, I won’t post now until I’ve seen the Surgeon, as there should be nothing to write about!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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