My time has come!

From a go slow to full steam ahead! Last Tuesday I had a phone call asking me to attend the Clinic in Medellin to see the Anaesthetist on Thursday, regarding my forthcoming Hip replacement, nice man, and he proved we are all human, as he misread one of the blood results and thought I had a serious problem, thank goodness Marcela was with me, admittedly the copy of my results was not the best, and he didn’t see the fullstop between the result, so instead of seeing 2.3456 he saw 23456, scary for a moment, then we all had a laugh.

He OK’d me for surgery, and said it would be before the end of the month, having seen some of the others waiting for a consultation, I wasn’t in the least bit concerned about my weight!

The following morning, we were just about to leave the house, when I had a call from the Clinic, to say my surgery was being entered in the list, and it was agreed I will have it on January 24th, I have to be at the Clinic by 7am, the surgery will be between 9 and 9.30am, it will be done will a Local anaesthetic, so if they are shorthanded, I will be able to help out!… joking aside, I am not sure how I feel about that, however a former Colleague of mine, says she had that procedure and it was fine.

Now it’s rushing about, getting the last bits and pieces, and trying to organise everything, before I am totally incapacitated, for a few weeks at least.

Saturday, we are going to fetch Marcela’s Mum, who is going to help her for the first two weeks, if nothing else, to control the dogs!

The idea was that Marcela would spend the night of the surgery at her Mum’s house, or in a city centre Hotel, but that has been hit on the head, as the Clinic state, that my ‘Companion’ has to stay with me 24/7. We don’t know, but think she will probably only have a chair in the room, I suggested she could sneak into the bed at night time, we could see how incapacitated I am!! In Colombia, Nurses just deal with medical matters, they are not there to pandser to the Patients, that is the job of the family.

I have also, given in for a bit of peace, the Surgeon suggested that it would be better if I returned home in a private Ambulance, something not covered by my Health Cover, and because we are not just down the road, it isn’t cheap, but Marcela was getting really stressed at my refusal to consider it, she has already done so much, and has more on her plate than me being awkward, so an Ambulance it is!

I think that just about brings me up to date, please bear with me, if there is more than a week until my next update, it will all depend on how the surgery goes.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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